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Commission seeks major cuts for expansion

Concerns over the costs to a major courthouse and jail expansion proposal led to a special meeting of the Mercer County Commission Monday, June 8, to examine any potential cuts that could be feasible for the project.

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Relay for Life walk kicks off June 12 in Beulah

The 19th annual Coal Country Relay for Life – an American Cancer Society fundraiser – will kick off with registration at 5 p.m. Friday, June 12, at Riverside Park, Beulah.

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Task force presents recommendations to improve morale for ambulance service

A task force of three ambulance board members presented their recommendations on how morale could be improved at the Mercer County ambulance service.

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Hearing planned on new distance between wind towers and residences

The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission moved to hold a hearing for a potential new ordinance that would change the distance between a wind tower and an occupied residence to one mile.

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Commission moves to rebid county buildings expansion

Major renovations and expansion projects can be both generally helpful and completely necessary, but they come with a cost – and someone has to pick up the tab.

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Hazen student demonstrates artistic talent with mural

Hazen High School now has a new bison mural on the wall outside the school library.

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Simulation demonstrates consequences of drunk driving

A mock drunk driving simulation vividly displayed the very real repercussions of a decision to drink and drive.

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The month of May honors emergency medical service providers

All around the United States, the month of May is used to honor those who provide emergency services in our communities.

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School board meets, discusses legislative reports

The Hazen School Board discussed various initiatives taken in the last legislative session.

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Hazen student uses anti-bullying as a pageant platform

Delanie Wiedrich, Hazen, is tying a message of anti-bullying into her involvement in the Miss North Dakota pageant.

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