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Langowski named HCD director

Hazen Community Development has found a director in the Elementary School principal.

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Zoning issues top agenda at commission

Zoning topics including Southwest Water’s pipeline, a new mining company and a new gas pipeline were major subjects of discussion during a county meeting last week. The commission discussed a temporary use permit for Kevin Schulte, which would allow Schulte to continue using his property for the stockpiling of Southwest Water pipeline.

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Time is about up

A temporary use permit for a pipeline yard near Hazen Bay is up for renewal, but an extension hasn’t been filed, according to officials who spoke at the March 20 Mercer County Commission meeting.

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Park and Rec to hold two pool forums

Hazen Parks and Recreation want your input on fixing the Hazen Pool. The Park Board will hold a public forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday and again April 2.

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City extends Annabelle deadline to Sept. 1

After more than an hour of discussion from a full house, the Hazen City Commission gave Annabelle Homes until Sept. 1 to get in the ground.

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Back to elementary school

Sorry, fifth graders. You’ll have to wait another year to go to middle school.

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County ponders employee raises

Mercer County has been dealing with many challenges that come from being on the edge of oil development in the past few years. One of those challenges has continued to vex area leaders: how to keep quality employees from moving elsewhere for better wages.

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Gehring: People don’t want Annabelle Homes

A resident is suggesting that the citizens of Hazen vote on a development approved by the city.

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Guns in Schools?

The primary sponsor of House Bill 1215 says it will help protect children in schools, but it could cause more bad than good, school officials and legislators told the Hazen Star.

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Not in this landfill

STANTON -- The Mercer County Landfill doesn’t want any oilfield waste coming to its doors.

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