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EPA strikes at heart of North Dakota energy

To hear the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tell it, they are doing what is best for America by requiring coal-based power plants to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gas, by 30 percent by the year 2030.

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LIDAR gets thumbs up from county

Mercer County Water Resource Board attorney Greg Lange continued his circuit of presentations on the LIDAR project last week at the Mercer County Commission meeting and came away with a big smile on his face.

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Piece of Hazen history takes flight

Old Mercer County Star press headed to museum

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LIDAR lights the way on elevations

The new revolution of mapping elevations in a city or county is being hailed as LIDAR, a way to get fairly accurate elevations over a broad area and help mitigate flooding.

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E-cigarettes facing fight in Hazen

If Mary Hillerud of Custer Health has anything to say about it, young people will no longer be able to purchase e-cigarettes in Hazen.

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Hazen City Commissioner’s race turns pretentious

The Hazen City Commission has two at-large commissioners seats open for the June 10 general election.

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Sakakawea lands new lake manager

Corps hire 20-year natural resources veteran

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Hazen Fire a matter of volunteers

Being a firefighter is considered perhaps the most dangerous job anyone could have. In Hazen, that doesn’t matter.

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Renovated City Pool to be a crowned jewel

As long as Mother Nature cooperates, the $600,000 voter approved initiative to renovate the Hazen City Pool should be completed and ready for swimming visitors on June 14.

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County zoning approves variance, non-farm residence

The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission saw two applications find approval recently

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