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50 years of church and community

When it comes to celebrating the anniversary of a church’s beginnings, it’s more than recognizing that a building was constructed, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Rev. Dennis Ristvedt said.

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Mercer Co. voters make decision before Nov. 6

There is less than a week until the highly anticipated Election Day, when thousands of people will head to the polls to submit their votes for local, state and national officials. But by the time Nov. 6 rolls around, almost half the voters in Mercer County will have their ballots counted, officials said.

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Is Measure 3 vague or broad?

Election Day is upon the residents of North Dakota, and they have multiple decisions to make that could affect the future of the state. Many issues and candidates have been under discussion, but there is one initiated measure that officials say hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

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All in favor raise your hand

Stanton – There were about 100 people at the Stanton Civic Center Oct. 17 to discuss plans to turn the its former school into a hotel, and almost every hand went up in favor of the project.

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Measure 5: A solution or a problem

Advocates for Measure 5 say it is time for North Dakota law to reflect its values toward animals, but local veterinarians and proponents say the proposal is incomplete and could cause more problems than solutions.

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Rocky road?

Hazen commissioners are ready to build the RV park road, but one believes they may be too far ahead of the curve.

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Filling in the gaps

Residents and the Hazen Park Board jumped in a lake of ideas Monday at City Hall as they discussed possible repairs to the city pool.

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Where is this white stuff

While some parts of the state got an early Christmas present, others got passed over by the white stuff that seemed to be absent last year.

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Bison roll through Southern McLean

Everybody hopes that they win the big homecoming game. The Bison not only won, they won in style. The final score of Friday’s homecoming game was 53-6 in favor of the Bison.

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Erhardt named city auditor

The city of Hazen has found a new auditor.

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