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‘Not in my backyard’

Rezoning, permit approved for anhydrous tank By April Baumgarten Farmers may be in trouble next year if Hazen doesn’t approve plans for an anhydrous tank near Riverside Park, officials said. But residents echoed one phrase last week at City Hall: Not in my backyard. “I find it very disrespectful that anyone would even consider building a plant of hazardous material in my backyard, in somebody’s backyard,” Mel Gutknecht said. “I have a lot of friends that are farmers and I am not in opposition (of the center). I am in opposition of the location.” More than 50 residents attended the Hazen Planning and Zoning meeting Oct. 16. Proponents and opponents spoke for two hours on Enerbase Agronomy’s requests to build an agronomy center. The board voted 3-2 to change nine acres of land east of the Hazen Elevator from agricultural to industrial. “We have a tendency to want to have a perfect world,” board member Clayton Hoffman said. “We look at what the ag community has done for this area. The elevator is gone. We need to support this community of farmers in the best way possible.”

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Water board continues work on Lake Shore

After surveying the land that holds Lake Shore Estates, the Mercer County Water Resource Board has determined water flows into the development.

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County approves final budget

Mercer County employees are set to get a 10 percent increase By April Baumgarten The County Commission unanimously approved the 2014 budget, giving department heads the option to give workers up to a 10 percent increase.

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Knife River Indian Villages closed

Shutdown impacts local entities By April Baumgarten Once again the Knife River Indian Villages is empty, but it’s not because its residents left freely or tried to avoid an epidemic.

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Little town talent, big time success

Tigirlily hits 1.1 million views on YouTube

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From Dubai to Hazen

Joy Dental Design welcomes Maveli

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Stanton council looks at four-wheeler state law

City plans to annex 45 acres east of tracks

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No-use policy fails after second reading

By Chris Erickson After months of discussions and rewrites, a contentious policy will have to go back to the drawing board after a motion for its approval failed last week. The Mercer County Commission voted 2-2 on the no-use policy after Commissioner Gary Murray and Commission Chairman Frank Bitterman had motioned to adopt it during last Wednesday’s meeting. Commisioners Duane Scheurer and Wayne Entze voted against adopting the policy. Commissioner Bill Tveit was not present.

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City mulls water, sewer policy

The Hazen City Commission is one step closer to deciding whether it should allow residents to hookup to outside water sources. Commissioners discussed a policy Monday during a meeting at Hazen City Hall that could require residents who wish to connect to rural water pay a fee to the city. The government would also be able to assess costs for projects even if the landowner does not connect to city water.

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Water board finds maps for Lake Shore

Mercer County Water Resource board members have obtained maps that could help prevent flooding at Lake Shore Estates. But the development is still in deep waters. “The key to draining is showing the natural flow of a drain,” said Greg Lange, board secretary and treasurer, adding the board will have to show how much drains.

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