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Mail dropped USPS cuts Saturday delivery

In rain, sleet, hail and snow the mail will go. Just not on Saturdays.

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Alcohol on the streets?

The Hazen Centennial Association wants the city to allow people to carry open containers on Main Street for its celebration, an act that is usually illegal under city code.

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Winds brrring cold blast for ND

Last week was a winter roller coaster ride for North Dakota. But the chilling cold blast is normal for the state, and more could be on the way, National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Hamilton said.

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How to keep the trucks out

STANTON –It’s either an ordinance for everyone or none at all.

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A ‘Good Place to Start’

A new song, a new look, a new concept and a new name.

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Making 2 into 1

Mercer County Commissioners got a look at plans to merge the county courthouse and Sheriff’s Department into one building, but it could cost more than $4.4 million, officials said.

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Rumor has it

The Hazen City Commission president tried to snuff rumors about Annabelle Homes Jan. 16, but not everyone is sold on its development.

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Securing an option

Revamping the security system at Hazen Public Schools could mean drastic changes for student life and finances.

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Flu fever

The influenza season is spreading across the nation, and Mercer County is not immune to the effects.

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Hazen is bloody great

Want to go see Jeff Dunham for free? You may get the chance if you donate blood Tuesday at Hazen City Hall.

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