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Erhardt named city auditor

The city of Hazen has found a new auditor.

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SWA pipeline problems return

Although Southwest Water’s new pipeline through Mercer County has generally been looked at as an improvement, one area pipeline stockpiling location has brought about concerns that have found themselves at the county level for the second time.

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Mercer, McLean develop sexual assault response team

In order to help sexual assault victims quicker officials in Mercer and McLean counties have decided to band together to form a sexual assault team, something that is a rarity in North Dakota.

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Mail-in vote coming soon Mercer County to send out ballot applications

With less than 47 days left to the general elections, Mercer County officials are getting geared up for the big vote.

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Bohrer put Hazen in ‘rough spot’

Hazen city officials and residents say that the former city auditor does not deserve to be compensated for overtime after leaving the government in a “tough position.”

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Communication is key

Local fire departments and emergency staff responded to a tornado in Zap Thursday. Well, it was a fake tornado.

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City auditor claims 702 hours of comp time

After being called out by a Hazen city commissioner, the city auditor wanted to make sure the Commission understood just how committed she was to her job the past seven years.

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Hazen commissioners mull budget

City employees get 4 percent raise

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91 percent of state in drought

Mixed feelings in Mercer, Oliver counties

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Semi hits ditch to avoid car

A semi that tipped over in the ditch Aug. 22 caused a delay in traffic two miles east of Hazen.

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