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Long-standing businesses welcomes new owners

Saying farewell to valued businesses in a community can be bittersweet, but that feeling can be partly remedied when new businesses and new ideas come in to fill their place.

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Commission considers manufactured home exception

One man’s request for a variance in bringing in a home to the area revealed the complexity of Hazen’s underlying ordinances for building activities.

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Area man creates model of St. Paul church

One small country church near Hazen will be permanently memorialized outside of the Knife River Care Center.

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Weiler discusses salary options for county

Tanya Weiler came to discuss the specific flow chart which lies behind the employee pay plan she has worked to develop for Mercer County.

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Artifacts discovered at courthouse site

Multiple artifacts in several different categories were found at the construction site for the expansion of the Mercer County Courthouse and Jail.

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Hazen library welcomes new head librarian

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New eatery opens in Hazen

After months of behind-the-scenes work from many community organizations, and after months of anticipation and excitement for the community’s residents, a new restaurant has opened its doors for business in Hazen.

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Safety concerns at county courthouse

Recently, there have been reports of unauthorized people walking into the construction zone of the county courthouse and jail expansion site.

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Child care facility planned for Hazen

Again and again, surveys and discussions in town have pointed to the need for child care service as Mercer County’s top priority for drawing in and retaining young families and new workers

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CANDISC riders continue journey through Hazen

Scenic drives can be fun, but why not find ways to be out in those scenic locations you are traveling through?

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