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Sakakawea named to Time Magazine's 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time list

Time Magazine recently recognized the national significance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by naming Lewis & Clark and Sakakawea as three of the 20 most influential Americans of all time.

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Celebrate a weekend of culture and music

Among the many tenets of a happy life, many people would include cultural diversity and music. Get a little of both this weekend in Mercer County.

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Rising from the ashes

The first year or two of the Praise on the Prairie music festival was challenging: the turnout wasn’t great and set up and take down were very labor intensive.

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City revisits development dilemma in north Hazen

Like a disgruntled spirit from beyond the grave, the conundrum that is development in north Hazen reared its haunting head again at the Hazen City Commission’s regular meeting Monday at Hazen City Hall.

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Commission defeats motion to drop Annabelle

In Commissioner Casey Stern’s interview with the Hazen Star in the weeks leading up to the June election, one of Stern’s main points of contention was the planned relocation of the Lewis & Clark RV Park in west Hazen to make room for a proposed residential and commercial subdivision.

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Candidate drops from county race

Wesley Klein, rural Hazen, has withdrawn from the race for Mercer County Commissioner.

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Gackle remembered as outstanding journalist, publishing leader

Don Gackle's death this past Sunday leaves behind a lifetime of achievements. Gackle was among one of the first North Dakota publishers with a journalism degree. Newspapers were then hot lead and an owner needed to be skilled at setting type, with the help of a printer's devil or two. He said in an interview in 1996, “We might work the night around to get that damned thing out.”

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Blazin’ Hazen Daze

Friday, July 6 11 a.m.-1 p.m.: lunch and bake sale at English Lutheran Church along Main Street

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Krieger, Bauman appointed to MC Commission

Jesse Krieger, rural Stanton, and Gerald Bauman, Golden Valley, were unanimously appointed to fill two vacant seats on the the Mercer County Commission June 28 in Stanton.

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New additions to heat up 2012 Blazin’ Hazen Daze

One week remains until the inferno of fun that is Blazin’ Hazen Daze.

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