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Bohrer put Hazen in ‘rough spot’

Hazen city officials and residents say that the former city auditor does not deserve to be compensated for overtime after leaving the government in a “tough position.”

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Communication is key

Local fire departments and emergency staff responded to a tornado in Zap Thursday. Well, it was a fake tornado.

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City auditor claims 702 hours of comp time

After being called out by a Hazen city commissioner, the city auditor wanted to make sure the Commission understood just how committed she was to her job the past seven years.

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Hazen commissioners mull budget

City employees get 4 percent raise

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91 percent of state in drought

Mixed feelings in Mercer, Oliver counties

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Semi hits ditch to avoid car

A semi that tipped over in the ditch Aug. 22 caused a delay in traffic two miles east of Hazen.

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Crunching numbers

The next few weeks will be full of numbers and careful planning for the Hazen City Commission.

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It’s finally here

ZAP -- Mercer County residents got a taste of what a $14.5 million water facility could give them Aug. 22 , and the project couldn’t come fast enough for some.

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Annabelle Homes has good news, bad news

The director of Development and Operations for Annabelle Homes had good news and bad news for the Hazen City Commission Monday.

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Hoeven takes ‘states-first’ approach on coal ash

BEULAH -- The state’s Republican senator said he wants to keep coal ash regulation out of the federal government’s hands.

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