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City Commission making final call on Hazen voting precinct

In preparation for the 2012 election year, the Hazen City Commission must either re-enter a joint agreement with Mercer County or plan to have a polling site in Hazen before Jan. 1, 2012.

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‘He probably would have died’

It was nighttime on Friday, Sept. 9 – “a basic, routine evening,” according to Hazen Police Department officer Alynn “A.J.” Beyer. Beyer

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Settlements agreed upon in discrimination charges

Settlements have been reached in two cases of discrimination charges against the Mercer County Road Department.

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Holiday happenings getting underway right here at home

‘Tis the season to make memories that will last a lifetime – and there’s no better place to do so than right here at home.

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County Road Department brings grievance against commissioner

Three Mercer County employees brought a formal grievance against a Mercer County Commissioner during the most recent County Commission meeting.

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Roads and windshields getting the brunt of increased heavy traffic

Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen recently saw something he had never seen before: two trucks pulling semi-trailers full of oil rumbled down the street past his home in the middle of Hazen.

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City Commission addresses truck traffic concerns

Increasing truck traffic traveling through Hazen accompanies increased vigilance by the city of Hazen and its residents.

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Celebrate Veterans Day

There will be several events held this week and next to honor our nation’s military veterans, highlighted by Veterans Day on Friday.

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Fly ash and gravel rolling through Mercer County

You can hear the industrious rumble of the Oil Patch from Mercer County.

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Interested party look at buying Wood Shed property

After being closed for nearly three years, an interested party has taken a step toward purchasing the former Wood Shed restaurant in Hazen.

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