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Hazen schools are ready again for 2009-2010

New flooring, bigger lockers, renovated bathrooms, upgraded whiteboards – but, (sigh), there will still be learning to do for Hazen students beginning the 2009-2010 school year Thursday, Aug. 27.

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A ‘balancing’ act: City takes first whack at budget

Get out your calculators and sharpen your pencils, because ’tis the season for numbers crunching as the Hazen City Commission began work on their preliminary budget for 2010.

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25 years at the forefront of an industry and counting

It was the last place you wanted to be at 4 p.m. Mountain time on any given day in 1979. “You didn’t want to be going the opposite direction than traffic was in the morning or the afternoon,” Antelope Valley Station Plant Manager John Jacobs said. “There were so many vehicles heading to work or away from work, local people tried to time trips around those times of day.”

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A story of mutual growth, 25 years in the making

James Miller, 76, enjoys his coffee, and doesn’t at all mind making mail runs. He is simply happy to have his independence.

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Commission awards bid for sewer project

After one swinging strike, the city might have gotten a hit. After being forced by the N.D. Century Code to re-bid a sewer bore project in southeast Hazen because the low bid was more than 45 percent over the engineer’s first estimate, the Hazen City Commission approved a contractor’s bid for the sewer bore project in southwest Hazen at their meeting Monday evening.

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Commission puts final touches on nursery property

In a special meeting Monday evening, the Hazen City Commission approved the rezoning of both the land where the nursery currently sits in west Hazen, and the property that will hold the future nursery.

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Stanton’s annual summer bash heats up this weekend

Four months ago, living along the Knife River wasn’t anything to celebrate. But since memories of the river’s rowdy spring behavior are beginning to fade into the blue summer sky, residents from Mercer County and beyond are ready to party at the annual Knife River Days Saturday and Sunday in Stanton.

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Culture Fest this weekend at Knife River Indian Villages

There are festivals of music, festivals of food and festivals of love. This weekend, it’s the festival of culture. This weekend, Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, located one mile north of Stanton, presents the 28th annual Culture Fest. Formal presentations run from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. MDT both Saturday and Sunday, with ongoing presentations taking place throughout each day.

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Krause’s buys nursery land

After a drawn-out and somewhat tumultuous process, Monday night the Hazen City Commission unanimously approved Krause’s Inc.’s purchase of the land where Sam Reich Memorial Municipal Tree Nursery now sits in west Hazen.

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Park Board: An open pool is still the plan

The summer might be half over, but there is still plenty of sunshine left in the season – meaning Hazen Parks and Recreation is determined to serve the public, and open the Hazen Public Pool for the remainder of the summer season.

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