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Senior, HHS proms this weekend

Nearly everyone but the family dog will be going to prom in Hazen this weekend. In a weekend full of formal attire, the 15th annual Hazen Senior Citizen Social will be Friday and Hazen High School’s 2010 Prom will take place Saturday.

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Destructive snowstorm deja vu all over again’

After stymieing Santa with the Christmas blizzard of 2009, Mother Nature was at it again Easter weekend by hindering the Easter Bunny’s way with wind, rain and sleet that eventually turned into an all-out blizzard in some areas of the state.

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Knife River level falling, but overtopping roads

The Knife River crested below flood level Thursday, but still managed to close a couple of roads in Mercer County. The National Weather service predicts a second higher crest over the weekend.

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Knife River creeping toward 21 feet

After a 6-foot-plus rise overnight, the Knife River crept toward 21 feet -- Knife River flood stage -- Monday morning at the river gauge just south of Hazen.

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Versatile tool added to Mercer-McLean drug task force arsenal

Though majestic, the 2,000-plus miles of the Missouri River are strewn with travel hazards such as sandbars, rocks and fallen trees. That debris no longer concerns law enforcement in Mercer and McLean counties. Continue to see the video.

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Flood is canceled

A flood forecast released by the National Weather Service at 8:36 a.m. Tuesday predicts that the Knife River at the Hazen river gauge will crest at 20.4 feet, a half foot short of flood stage. At 1 p.m. that forecast was updated to 20.6 feet.

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Schedule set for All-Class Reunion

The curriculum has been set – though in place of learning will be good times taking place amongst this gathering of Hazen students.

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Flood risk lessened, but flood prep goes on

An unprecedented extended thaw has lessened the chance of a damaging flood on the Knife River, although some risk remains, according to a National Weather Service hydrologist.

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City Commission approves water contract

The first drop of water delivered to Hazen in 2011 via the Southwest Pipeline Project will set in motion a 40-year partnership between the two entities.

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Taste of Hazen to tickle taste the buds

Has talks of spring flooding left a bad taste in your mouth? Take care of it with the culinary delight that is the fifth annual Taste of Hazen.

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