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‘Off to see the wizard’

What is the one road that will never be under construction during the summer months?

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Fair weather makes for successful weekend

It has rained often and in large amounts throughout the last few weeks.

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Hazen sends helping hands during flood fight

Sue Retterath, Hazen, was hoping at least 40 people would show up at the school on June 1 to ride a bus to Bismarck to help sandbag. Someone else thought there would be about 20, if that.

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Commission not keen on chickens in town

City ordinance allows for residents to have female chickens within city limits.

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Corps: river expected to rise 3 more feet at Stanton

Stanton City Councilman Tom Sayler had just begun to brief the crowd of concerned residents when a voice form the back of the room cut through his words.

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Pick City doing fine with overland line

A spliced rural water line is again delivering water to Pick City, Lake Sakakawea State Park and residents in the surrounding area after releases over the Garrison Dam spillway washed out a underground line below the spillway pond about two weeks ago.

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Special program at Knife River Indian Villages

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site is hosting a special program for the public tomorrow at the park's visitors center.

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Stanton flood meeting tonight

A public information meeting regarding the Missouri River flood threat will be held at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the Stanton Civic Center in Stanton.

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The spillway saga

For the first time in the 57-year history of the Garrison Dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened spillway gates June 1 to drain floodwaters from Lake Sakakawea into the Missouri River.

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Residents denied building permits while city thinks over ordinance

Boats, pickups and all-terrain vehicles are getting bigger. The Hazen City Commission knows this, and have been talking about adjusting the city’s building ordinance to allow for the construction of storage buildings that better accommodate that fact.

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