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Vanguard sending letters this week

Hazen residents will find out the new worth of both their home and their neighbor’s home this week.

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Officials, public talk Knife River flooding

Officials and members of the public met at the Beulah Civic Center last week to discuss how to be best prepared for this year’s potential flooding.

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Sudden storm roughs up residents

You have your typical North Dakota blizzards with heavy snow accumulations, high winds and life-threateningly cold temperatures.

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County officials gather to discuss flood plans

Officials from throughout Mercer County gathered last week at the Beulah Civic Center to talk about their respective plans for fighting this year’s potential flooding.

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Hazen starts work on the big ‘if’

Sandbagging is on the minds of city officials in the next few weeks, along with the imminent flood that might show up this month in Hazen and the surrounding area. City officials met March 2 for an informal meeting to discuss the necessary procedures and precautions to take before a flood occurs.

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Residents hear grim details of sewer line replacement project

Those in attendance Feb. 23 at Hazen City Hall seemed to agree on two things: the sewer line running from Hazen’s Fifth Street to the alley between Third Street and Main Street is needed; and someone needs to pay for the project.

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Flooding preparations underway for Hazen

Precipitation has been a constant problem for many citizens throughout North Dakota and Hazen’s residents are no exception. Not only have the inches of snow resting along the street or piled in stacks in various lots been an eyesore, but the potential for flooding and rain also cause headaches for everyone in a flood zone.

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National Weather Service increases county flood risk

Despite above-normal temperatures in February shrinking snowbanks considerably along city streets and county roads, the National Weather Service recently increased its predicted chances of flooding along the Knife River and Spring Creek come this spring.

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Christmann helps lead in N.D. Senate

Sen. Randel Christmann, the Republican senator from District 33, has a lot on his plate.

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Judging contest this weekend in Beulah

The West River Judging contest will take place again this weekend in Beulah. The contest, now in its 46th year, focuses on the judging of livestock, crops and hippology, as well as agricultural sales.

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