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Find what you’ve been missing right here at home

It’s estimated that 138 million people will rise out of bed the day after Thanksgiving to fight the crowds and get in on Black Friday deals this week. While many large stores in the bigger cities may see huge profits, the small businesses tucked away in small town North Dakota are often just as competitive and hope to see business this holiday season.

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Hazen baseball is a go

The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the spitting of the seed shells will be heard at the Hazen baseball diamonds this spring.

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Adjustment to Central taking time

The grass is plenty green on the other side of the fence--though it is taking time for some Mercer County business and residents to fully adjust to it’s plushness.

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City secures funding for flood protection project

It takes a lot of money to avoid expensive flood insurance. The Hazen City Commission learned at their regular meeting Monday evening that Refunding Improvement Bonds totaling $530,000 have been sold to help fund projects along Antelope Creek, which runs through Hazen along the State Highway 200 bypass.

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Stanton names new council member

The Stanton City Council welcomed Central time to Mercer County on Monday evening with one of their shortest meetings in recent memory.

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Annual art and craft bazaar Saturday at Hazen City Hall

Every single year, you’ve told yourself you wouldn’t do it. But every single year, you do.

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2010 General election wrap-up

Mercer County Commission incumbent Frank Bitterman, Golden Valley, thought someone was pulling his leg when he first heard he had received over 2,000 votes in the 2010 General election.

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Switch to Central time altering area post office hours

Many residents and businesses will make a few adjustments come Sunday as Mercer County converts to Central time. One such business making adjustments will be area post offices.

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Time change means clocks stay the same Sunday

Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, Nov. 7 this year, but Mercer County residents won’t have to change their clocks Saturday night. That’s because the county switches over to Central Standard Time the same day.

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The ‘good, bad and ugly’

It was a perfect fall evening for a hot bowl of homemade soup, as about 50 Hazen residents attended the Comprehensive Plan Open House Monday evening at Hazen City Hall.

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