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The time has come

After more than a half-century in the Mountain time zone, Mercer County will be switching to Central.

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District 33 House candidates share views on the issues

An uneducated vote is a vote wasted. Mercer County Auditor Monte Erhardt mailed over 2,500 ballots late last week to Mercer County voters as part of Mercer County’s 2010 Vote By Mail General election process. To help District 33 voters make an informed decision this 2010 General Election, the Beulah Beacon and Hazen Star sat down with the four District 33 House of Representatives candidates: Republican incumbents Rep. Brenda Heller and Rep. Gary Kreidt, and their Democratic challengers Jane Opdahl and Judy Lang.

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Mercer County switches to Central

The verdict is in: Mercer County will be switching from Mountain to Central Time Zone.

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Riverside Park not in the dark

It’s a city park with a little bit of country flavor. And if all goes as hoped, Riverside Park southeast of Hazen will get some much-needed upgrades that could include a playground, picnic shelter and paved walking path.

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HHS Homecoming 2010 arrives

Amongst Hazen’s bright spots, the school system might be the most sparkling of all.

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A few Hazen Harvest Fest champs

Sure, Hazen’s Harvest Fest is all about fun. Adding to that fun, however, was a little bit of competition to get the blood pumping this past weekend.

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Drivers can cruise 35 to Krause’s

It’s a common affliction: Your grip tightens on the steering wheel and your right foot is cocked back in wait for sudden propulsion toward the floorboards.

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Hardship teaches Hazen couple life lessons

After a career as an industrial education teacher in Minnesota, Dick Heard, Hazen, is accustomed to teaching lessons to students.

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Harvest Fest this weekend

Down for some fun this weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hazen’s 2010 Harvest Fest will run from Thursday through Sunday.

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Hazen to honor the 1st Sgt. and Green Thumb

Like many Hazen Harvest Fest parade grand marshals of years past, Delmar and Carole Schramm didn’t immediately leap at the opportunity to be named royalty for the 2010 Harvest Fest celebration. But Delmar sees it as giving back to the community.

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