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Conrad applauds efforts to combat drugs

Sen. Kent Conrad looked leaders of the Mercer-McLean County Narcotics Task Force in the eye. Is the Recovery Act funding meant to curb drug use in Mercer and McLean counties being put to good use?

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Sen. Dorgan honored in Hazen for service

With a jar of homemade dill pickles and a blue hand-knitted shawl in hand, Sen. Byron Dorgan exited Hazen City Hall last Wednesday with Dist. 33’s words of praise still ringing in his ears.

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School ready for students’ return after busy summer

Parents spend a lot of money helping their children get ready for the new school year. This year, the Hazen School District did, too.

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Crops taken off and taking off across the state

The current stretch of hot weather may have most people in Beulah huddling by their air conditioners, but it has proven a double blessing for farmers. Dry weather has allowed the harvest of small grains to move fairly quickly while the heat has pushed row crops to maturity.

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Prepare now for Hazen’s Harvest Fest

Nowadays, one month goes by in the blink of an eye. That being said, you’d best start preparing now for Hazen’s annual fall party known as Harvest Fest, which takes place this year Sept. 9-12 in Hazen.

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Storm downs tree branches, power lines throughout county

The Guenthners know all too well the power of a lightning strike. About seven years ago, their Hazen home was struck by lightning, blowing plaster off the inside walls and frying their TV, VCR, telephone and microwave. The surge of volts blew out of an outside power outlet.

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City approves sewer main cost estimate

The Hazen City Commission approved a resolution Monday evening pushing forward plans for a sewer main replacement project in the middle of Hazen.

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Hoffner steps down as Union Bank president

Gordon Hoffner has stepped down from his position as president of the Union Bank of Halliday, Beulah and Hazen. His son, Wayne Hoffner, Hazen was selected to be the bank’s new president.

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Knife River Days: The height of Stanton’s summer

The annual summertime celebration – it’s every small town’s height of summer. For Stanton, the height of summer is Knife River Days, which this year runs Friday through Sunday, Aug. 6-8.

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Annual Crazy Daze descends on Hazen

If it smells like apple pie and tastes like apple pie, it’s gotta be apple pie.

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