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Discussion on Hazen natural gas continues

Those willing to build a natural gas pipeline through Mercer County are ready to move forward. Hazen and Beulah's decision-makers aren't quite yet sold.

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Glitch delays Mercer County vote results

Barack Obama makes history While the nation was electing a new president, and the state re-electing their governor, the folks in Mercer County will have to wait to learn the impact their votes played in Tuesday night's election.

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Mercer County Election

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Fire damages structure at LOS

A structure that housed fiberglass chimney liner and other unspecified chemicals caught fire Tuesday evening, emitting potentially toxic smoke into the air. The structure was located .25 miles southeast of Leland Olds Station's main generating facility. According to Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen, 13 area residents were evacuated and about 4 miles of State Highway 200A was closed. There were no reported injuries. See next week's Hazen Star for further details.

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Fire Department Reserve Fund again on the ballot

The vote in the June Primary election sounded close - 198 in favor, 202 opposed - but city Measure No. 1 actually needed a super-majority of 60 percent approval to pass.

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Highway 200 construction nearly finished for 2008

Boats are being winterized and golf clubs are being packed up. Accompanying the end of those summertime activities is the end of another summertime construction season.

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Pushing through the aches and pain

A coach's biggest fear going into the heart of the conference schedule is to have a player come up and say, "coach I think I pulled a muscle."

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Community lenders still safe and secure amid crisis

$700 billion. It's an almost incomprehensible number. Let's attempt to put $700 billion into perspective. It is $140 billion more than has been spent on the Iraq war since the invasion. It could pay for 2,000 McDonalds apple pies for every single American. It is more than $100 for every person in the world. If written out: $700,000,000,000.

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Surrounded by family, enduring another battle

There are bumps along the road in everyone's road of life. The bumps in Margaret Oestreich's life have been a bit larger than most.

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Want to vote in November?

Mercer County voters take notice: If you want to vote in the November General Election, you have only two options: Vote by Mail or go to the only polling place in the county the Mercer County Courthouse in Stanton. The polls will be open at the Mercer County Courthouse from 9 a.m.-7 p.m., MDT, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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