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Support a switch to Central?

If ever a hot button existed in Mercer County – this button is flaming: Should Mercer County operate by Mountain time or Central time?

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Planning, zoning drafts wind energy regulations

After months of reviewing existing wind energy regulations in counties throughout North Dakota and beyond, the Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission has drafted a set of regulations that could be applied to any wind energy facility hereafter permitted for construction in Mercer County.

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Take part in ‘The Music Man' production

Whether you seek the lead role or prefer to contribute in the background – Sakakawea South Shore Community Theatre invites you to take part in the summer production “The Music Man,” under the direction of Steve Behrens.

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All carrot and no stick?

Do you bask the landscape of the Missouri River basin throughout North Dakota? Is heritage, the history of our state and preserving that history for future generations to witness and experience important to you?

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Floods put Hazen Golf Course in the rough

Their tone of voice, seemingly dampened by despair, explained a dire situation to the Hazen City Commission Monday evening. The Hazen Golf Course is in rough shape after two bouts of severe flooding this spring, Hazen Golf Club Board members said. With hundreds of trees wrecked and a deposit of thick trees and mud on fairways and greens, damage to a cart bridge spanning the Knife River has come to the forefront.

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Conrad and Pomeroy inspect flood damage in Beulah

It was hopeful news to Beulah and fellow Mercer County residents when Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., met with Mercer County and city officials April 8 at the Beulah City Hall to get a firsthand report on flood and snow damage.

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Floodwaters ravage Mercer County roads

Morale isn’t the only thing crumbling under the pressure of woeful weather, as roads across Mercer County have taken a beating from the recurring floodwaters and heavy runoff this spring.

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Hazen couple expresses gratitude after the crash

Curt and Sandra Melland, Hazen, walked away without injury after their personal aircraft flipped at the end of the Mercer County Regional Airport Runway just east of Hazen Saturday, March 28. The crash in itself was rattling, C. Melland said – but what really left an imprint was the response of the local emergency crews.

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Natural gas going on the ballot

The North Dakota Century Code requires that before a city may own or lease from others a natural gas pipeline distribution system, “the proposition to so lease must be placed on the ballot of a municipal election.” Thus, Hazen residents will vote in a special election Tuesday, June 9 to decide if they want the city to enter into an agreement that would allow them to lease or own a natural gas distribution system.

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Commissioners review flood plan in preparation for possible round two

For months prior to the Knife River going over it's banks last week, Hazen City Commissioners and planners have been discussing possibilities and ideas of how to handle a flood similar to Mercer County's flood of 1997. Now that the damage is done with major flooding in Beulah last week and to a lesser extent in Hazen, some of those same officials met last Friday to discuss further changes needed, if any, to the city's flood plan. Though most of the events discussed were part of a specific pattern the 2009 flood created, officials suggest a quick melt as early as this weekend could create another possible flood threat. Hazen City Commissioner Mike Peterson said there are still at least two known ice jams on the Knife River near Hazen and a lot of snowmelt still to come down the Antelope Creek drainage from the northwest, which could affect portions of the north half of town. Adding that to the 4 inches from Monday's snowstorm, fellow Hazen City Commissioner Ken Link addressed the issue of added moisture content within the snow accumulation. He said in 1997 there was a record of 1.8 inches of moisture in the snow. In 2009, recordings showed 5.7 inches of moisture in the snow.

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