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Commission clarifies snow ordinance - for the moment

Can citizens push snow from their driveway onto the street? How about if the snowplows haven't come by to haul the street's snow out yet? Can business owners along Main Street whose sidewalks extend to the street push their snow onto main? Monday evening, the Hazen City Commission answered "No," "No," and "No."

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Time change

According to Hazen City Auditor Sandy Bohrer, the regular meeting tonight for the Hazen City Commission has been moved from its regular start time of 6 p.m. to 5 p.m. The meeting will be held at Hazen City Hall.

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Community Education begins to take shape

Community Education program under the guidance of director Darcy Putnam is quickly taking shape. During a meeting of the Hazen School Board Monday afternoon, the board reviewed a listing of classes that will be available to individuals of all ages, as well as classes waiting in the wings.

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Snowing again? What residents should know

Take a poll anywhere but the playground, and most will agree snow is a good thing - but only to a certain extent. This winter, record inches of the white stuff has caused travel troubles, schedule shuffling and, in general, one heck of a headache.

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No travel advised

Tuesday morning, the Mercer County Sheriff's Department advised no travel on secondary roads within Mercer County until further notice.

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No travel advised

Friday morning, the Mercer County Sheriff's Department advised no travel on secondary roads within Mercer County.

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The price of snow

A gallon of milk is over $4. The price of flour is skyrocketing. Gasoline? Anybody's guess. But snow removal on your street? Surprisingly affordable. Based on a home value of $150,000, the property owner would pay a total of $2,783 in city property tax. Of that total, the city collects $640. Of that cut, only $13.50 is allocated toward snow removal. If a home were valued at $75,000, the owner would be paying $6.75 for city street snow removal. A home valued at $40,900? Snow removal is costing well under $4.

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City makes little progress on snow ordinances

Regarding accumulation of the white stuff, it has been a record-setting winter for Hazen and the surrounding area. And the Hazen city street crews are left to deal with the aftermath of each storm. Snowfall after snowfall has at times filled all 40 miles of city streets before Hazen city street personnel have had the chance to clean them all.

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Producer shares beef with proposed organic rules

The drought, which lasted the better part of the last three years, hammered agricultural producers across Mercer County. Dugouts went dry while hay and commodity crops crumbled into dust. It was no different at Jim Kusler's farm and ranch operation south of Beulah.

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Dept. of Health: Common flu strain is getting harder to treat

The North Dakota Department of Health is stressing the importance of influenza vaccination after tests show a common treatment is no longer working on certain kinds of the flu. Tests completed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that a common strain of the flu, known as type A H1N1, is becoming resistant to a common treatment. Data shows that of the 50 flu viruses tested, 49 (98 percent), could not be treated with the antiviral Tamiflu. "Influenza can be very serious, causing extended periods of missed work or school and hospitalizations. Sometimes it can be serious enough to cause death," said Abbi Pierce, Immunization Surveillance coordinator for the Department of Health. "This year we will have even fewer options to treat influenza, so it's that much more important to prevent it and get vaccinated now."

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