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Pushing through the aches and pain

A coach's biggest fear going into the heart of the conference schedule is to have a player come up and say, "coach I think I pulled a muscle."

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Community lenders still safe and secure amid crisis

$700 billion. It's an almost incomprehensible number. Let's attempt to put $700 billion into perspective. It is $140 billion more than has been spent on the Iraq war since the invasion. It could pay for 2,000 McDonalds apple pies for every single American. It is more than $100 for every person in the world. If written out: $700,000,000,000.

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Surrounded by family, enduring another battle

There are bumps along the road in everyone's road of life. The bumps in Margaret Oestreich's life have been a bit larger than most.

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Want to vote in November?

Mercer County voters take notice: If you want to vote in the November General Election, you have only two options: Vote by Mail or go to the only polling place in the county the Mercer County Courthouse in Stanton. The polls will be open at the Mercer County Courthouse from 9 a.m.-7 p.m., MDT, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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Mahto Bay cabin owners still wanting road work from county

With no road easement agreement yet in sight with tribal landowners, Mahto Bay cabin owners near Twin Buttes have asked Mercer County for some road work this fall. The problem, however, is that the road they request assistance on is a short section that falls on tribal land.

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Dutch elm disease a concern during fall season

Hazen has been named a Tree City U.S.A. for 20-plus consecutive years, and Hazen City Forrester Jeff Foster is doing everything within his powers to continue that streak.
Dutch elm disease, however, has and continues to work against him.

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Park Board Plans for more campsites

Hazen Bay campground is full and bustling throughout each summer season Ė bustling enough to where the Hazen Park Board feels they can fill 26 additional campsites at the bay.
At Mondayís meeting of the Hazen City Commission, Hazen Park Board President Al Mautz was in attendance to reveal a plan for the construction of 26 additional campsites at Hazen Bay, and ask for the cityís help in preparing those sites.

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Boy Scout pitches Dog Park to City Commission

Itís time for Hazen Boy Scout Jordan Grosz to undertake an Eagle Scout Project. Heís decided on a dog park, and Tuesday evening he pitched the idea to the Hazen City Commission.
Grosz Ė along with Hazen Parks and Recreation Director Joe Amundson Ė browsed several sites within Hazen, Grosz said, and found a suitable site in city-owned lots 3, 4 and possibly 5 near the tennis courts in North Star Third Addition, southwest of Warren and Betty Lou Jensenís residence in north Hazen.

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Committee moving ahead

The Hazen City Commission has approved a final draft of Measure No. 2 to be placed on the ballot come the Nov. 4 General Election.
Now, the Hazen Wellness and Recreation Committee will get busy.

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Hail Hazenís Harvest Fest

On Easter, you go to church and hunt for Easter baskets. At Christmas, you open presents. During Thanksgiving Day, you eat until you canít possibly eat any more. In early September, you celebrate Hazenís annual fall celebration: Harvest Fest. Harvest Fest has a long-standing tradition in Hazen.

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