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Stanton resident celebrates 95 years of life, experiences, and joys

When most of us think of reaching 95 years of age, we think of nursing homes, aches and pains, and the last slow decline of life.

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City board gives nod for zone expansion

Following a decision by the state government to allow potential expansion of Renaissance Zones for certain cities if they meet certain requirements, Buster Langowski has been working hard to try and include more zones for Hazen.

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1950 road trip leads to reunion 66 years in the making

From large cities to desolate scenery, from caves of bats to the streets of Hollywood -- five friends decided to make a personal dream a reality, to visit these places and many more.

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Area residents admire the creative achievements of regional artists

People from Hazen, Beulah, and other communities throughout western North Dakota gathered at the Hazen City Hall over the weekend to admire the creations of local artists, vote for their favorite artwork, and take in both special presentations and live entertainment.

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Beulah PD approaches ambulance board for QRU agreement

Quick Response Units have been an unexpected focus for the Mercer County Ambulance Service Board in the last several months.

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Steady progress for new hospital construction

While residents may be able to gather some of the progress that has recently been made on the exterior of the new hospital in Hazen, they might not be able to see the thrum of activity as workers set up the interior.

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Hazen student receives award for artwork

Hazen student Jonah Zimmerman has become well-known for his skill with painting, notably having made a large bison mural outside the library at the high school.

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Headaches for water board as Lake Shore project stalls

After months of effort to bring together the different people involved and try to come up with a new plan or revive old plans, hopes of reaching a solution for the draining of the flooded Lake Shore Estates has been stonewalled.

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Cheryl Neely art featured at Hazen Art Show

With the blossoming of trees and flowers right around the corner, it is also time for art to blossom in local communities.

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School board focuses on staff changes

As the school year winds down, it becomes a priority for the district to fill holes left by resigning and retiring teachers, as well as staff changes needed to address changing class sizes.

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