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Reunion in Hazen for German biker

Sometimes, the events that happened years ago can suddenly impact our lives today.

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Mercer County Ambulance still working on finances

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City addresses surge project timetable

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Proposed location for bus barn causes concern

There is concern among some Hazen residents about the proposed location for a bus barn on the site of the Heritage Park.

Posted 7/29/15 (Wed) read more »

Centennial celebration at St. Matthews Church

A church in Hazen celebrated its 100 year anniversary this previous weekend.

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A lifetime in Hazen

Irma Drath graduated from Hazen School in 1939, making her the oldest of the alumni to return for the All Class Reunion this past July weekend.

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Wind tower ordinance remains unchanged

A proposal to change the distance between a residency and a wind tower from 1,000 ft. to one mile was rejected.

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Former editor displays photography in Hazen

All editors make their starts somewhere, and the Hazen Star provided that necessary experience for one illustrious career in photography.

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Alumni return to Hazen for school reunion

Sometimes small towns host large events, which draw the resources of everyone in the community to make the events successful.

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Frei discusses new fitness park for Hazen

Hazen has many parks to attract the attention of residents and visitors. Now it hopes to expand the appeal with a new addition: a fitness park.

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