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Ambulance board holds in-depth budget discussion

Over the course of the last year, the Mercer County Ambulance Board has attempted to smooth over changes in various parts of the service since the resignation of the former manager.

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Commissioners fill positions

Although the process of appointing people to fill certain non-elected county positions was relatively routine and simple, it highlighted the disagreements between the county commission and certain department heads.

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Mercer County women compete in state pageant

Several talented women from Mercer County found themselves onstage, showing off both dresses and knowledge as they competed to be recognized by judges for the next Miss North Dakota crowning.

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City discusses adding parking lot to 2016 street work project

Cutting costs where possible is an important priority during large undertakings like Hazen’s 2016 street project, but the Hazen City Commission determined that incorporating one new issue into the project makes sense both practically and economically.

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Clarification regarding sample ballots

In hopes of clarifying any potential confusion from the layout of the sample ballots in last week’s Hazen Star and Beulah Beacon, we provide the following information.

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Former Hazen resident named to Google report

For those with entrepreneurial spirits, the hardest part of starting up a new business is, well, starting it.

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Country residents witness Trump Train in motion

Energy and environmental issues have placed North Dakota squarely on the map of national politics.

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Close call inspires Tigirlily to partner with NDDOT

Creative music-making and an important message came together for Tigirlily recently as a winter car accident became the motivation for talking seat-belt safety.

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Subdivision rejected by county zoning board

One of the primary points of emphasis around the county is how to attract growth in the number of people and businesses Mercer County communities can offer.

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Stanton resident celebrates 95 years of life, experiences, and joys

When most of us think of reaching 95 years of age, we think of nursing homes, aches and pains, and the last slow decline of life.

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