City mulls water, sewer policy

9/25/13 (Wed)

By April Baumgarten

The Hazen City Commission is one step closer to deciding whether it should allow residents to hookup to outside water sources.
Commissioners discussed a policy Monday during a meeting at Hazen City Hall that could require residents who wish to connect to rural water pay a fee to the city. The government would also be able to assess costs for projects even if the landowner does not connect to city water.
“We should develop a policy to deal with this,” Commission President Mark Nygard said.
The issue came to light after the city approved a project that would provide water and sewer to Elbowoods Drive and Park Place. The commission approved a bid in July for $411,804 to develop the water district. Each of the 41 lots will be assessed $10,044 apiece.
Brent Hysjulien, who lives in the district, signed a contract with Southwest Water Authority and the city in 2011. It would allow him to hookup to SWA’s pipeline until the area was developed.