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Mercer County Election

11/06/08 (Thu)


Mercer County General Election
President and Vice-President of the United States
Baldwin (Con)                24
Barr (Lib)                19
Nader (Ind)                88
McCain (Rep)                2,788
Obama (Dem)                1,472
Representative in Congress
Earl Pomeroy (Dem)     2,195
Duane Sane (Rep)                2,187
State Senator 4th District
John M. Warner (Dem)     10
State Representative 4th District
Kenton Onstad (Dem)     9
Tom Conklin (Dem)     6
Daryl J. Lies (Rep)      0
Governor and Lt. Governor
John Hoeven and Jack Dalrymple (Rep)      3,368
Tim Mathern and Merle Boucher (Dem)     957
Duwayne Hendrickson and Dana Branden (Ind)       107
State Auditor
Robert R (Bob) Peterson (Rep)                2,848
Daryl Splichal (Dem)                     1,398
State Treasurer
Jasper Schneider (Dem)                     1,748
Adam Hamm (Rep)                      2,515
Public Service Commissioner
Brian Kalk (Rep)                                   2,481
Cheryl Bergian (Dem)                     1,731
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Max L. Laird                                          1,951
Wayne G. Sanstead                                2,217
Justice of the Supreme Court
Mary Maring                                        3,671
Justice of Supreme Court
Daniel J. Crothers                 3,660
Judge of the District Court No. 1
David Reich                                          3,660
Judge of the District Court No. 6
Gail Hagerty                                          3,666
Judge of the District Court No. 7
Thomas J. Schneider                              3,654
Judge of the District Court No. 8
Donald L. Jorgenson                             3,654
County Commissioner
Lyle Latimer                                          3,599
Supervisor, Soil Conservation District
John V. Klein                                        3,643
Constitutional Measure No. 1
Yes                                                         2,028
No                                                           2,222
Initiated Statutory Measure No. 2
Yes                                                         1,613
No                                                           2,659
Initiated Statutory Measure No. 3
Yes                                                         2,029
No                                                           2,263
Initiated Statutory Measure No. 4
Yes                                                         2,960
No                                                           1,268
City Measure N. 1 City of Hazen
Yes                                                         623
NO                                                          701
City Measure No. 2 City of Hazen
Yes                                                         523
No                                                           810