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NDGF advisory board meetings set

Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to attend a North Dakota Game and Fish Department advisory board meeting in their area.

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Region 7 Tournament closes: Bison end season without vengeance

At the region tournament the Hazen Bison girls basketball team faced three teams that they had lost to before the region tournament started. The Bison gained a small nugget of retribution in the first round of the Region 7 tournament but couldn’t end their season with retribution victories over Beach and Bowman County.

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District 14 championship: Bison girls basketball earns region birth

The Hazen Bison girls’ basketball team accomplished the easy part of their basketball goal, earning a Region 7 tournament birth, but found themselves sitting when the district championship was supposed to be played on Monday evening. Their District 14 championship game against Dickinson Trinity was delayed until Tuesday because of inclement weather.

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Bison advance to district final

The Hazen Bison had a little bit of a letdown during season play. There was a stretch where the team played important games and came up short in all of them.

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Bison girls basketball ends season rough

The Bison ended last week in a slump. The Bison went 0-2, collecting a road loss and suffering a home loss in their season finale. Both losses were by six points or less

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Bison boys have momentum heading into District 14 playoffs

The Bison have had a lot of ups and downs this season, but none of that matters in the postseason. The only thing that matters is believing in themselves and their ability to play with anyone. The Bison showed that belief by picking up three wins last week.

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Cougars upset Bison 47-34

Every now and then things get bumpy on a road trip. It always seems to be after a perfect smooth stretch of smooth interstate that it starts; bump, bump, bump. For the Hazen Bison that bump in the road was Heart River.

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Hazen loves turnovers

Turnovers taste sweet. There’s the dessert variety – cherry, apple and peach turnovers – and then there’s the basketball turnovers. Hazen’s defense showed a sweet tooth in forcing Beulah Miner turnovers and winning the game 57-42.

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Shooting woes for the Lady Bison

The Lady Bison had two road games. The performance wasn’t pretty but they did win one game. The Bison struggled to find their stroke as a team but managed to win a game against Washburn after falling to Dickinson Trinity.

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Fast start, somber end

The big-time rivalry game didn’t have a big time start but it had an unhappy ending for the Bison losing 55-74 to the Beulah Miners.

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