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Girls track racking up qualifiers

One thing is for certain at the Hazen girls track and field camp. No matter how the team does at the regional meet, at least four events will be represented by Bison at the state meet. Before last week’s action Breaunna Oakland stood alone as Hazen’s only qualifier. After two more meets last Tuesday and Saturday, the number is up to three athletes.

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Hot streak helps Bismarck over B-H

Last Tuesday’s baseball game between Beulah-Hazen and Mandan teetered the Mother Nature line all afternoon. Keeping on constant contact, Mandan made the 72-mile trip to Goldmann Field at McKenzie Park. The teams were out warming up when the darkening skies opened up to begin a 12-hour downpour.

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Demanding excellence and making the first steps toward it

Hazen girls track head coach Leland Opp is fortunate to have a stable full of high quality athletes. What makes the veteran coach produce successful teams every season is his demand for athletes to reach the potential he sees for them.

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Martial arts: More than just

Matthew Krizan is like most 12-year-old boys in that he loves football, Kung Fu movies and chasing girls. His older sister Emily Krizan is a bit quiet for a 14-year-old but don’t let the pretty exterior fool you as she has an inner fire when she is interested in the topic.

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Martial arts promotes three new black belts

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March efforts lead tracksters down path of improvement

The meet may be termed the “state indoor” but veteran Hazen track and field coaches know it’s just not true. No matter the conditions, a superior track team does not win the season with March success.

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Weight of the Novas name rests on the tiny shoulders of a few

It’s no secret that girls hockey in Mercer County has seen better years. And with the program goes the Novas name.

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Semifinal shutout keeps Bantams from title

The Hazen-Beulah Bantam team was one of the tournaments top seeds when they loaded the bus last weekend. But by the time they unloaded just two days later, the North Stars slipped a little but remained in the top three in the state.

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Hazen Little Kid wrestlers prove themselves

In their first serious competition of the season, Hazen Little Kid wrestlers performed well at two tournaments last week.

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Bison perform enough to continue

A record of 8-13 isn’t very impressive in terms of just the numbers alone. But taking a closer look behind Hazen’s season, the Bison have taken on some of the state’s strongest competition. With a need to perform every time on the floor, a huge amount of confidence is a must.

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