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Winning streak enters double digits

Behind by two points or ahead by 20, Hazen’s game plan is the same: Never slow down. The Bison proved their motto again this week sweeping up three convincing wins in five days.

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Bison defense downs Cards

Hazen boys basketball coach Randy Johnson asked his defense to be all things to all people Jan. 5.

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Bison bow to sizable Hi-Liners

Even with 10 players on the court at one time, some games come down to playmakers.

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Bison working through poor

It’s never easy for a coach to say goodbye to longtime players. It’s even harder when the season isn’t even over yet.

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Boards break Bison in twin losses

Hazen boys basketball coach Randy Johnson knew even before the Center-Stanton team got off the bus Dec. 15 what the game plan was. The Wildcats would work their offense around 6-foot-1 guard Shae Brown. The senior had a hand in either the beginning or more often the end of the offense.

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Landing among the top-ranked

In his first week of action to open his second season as the head of the Hazen girls basketball team, Leland Opp had one word he continually used to describe how the team played: “proud.”

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Bruised but battle tested at Sidney, Mont., tourney

The weekend didn’t go quite as planned for co-coach Shawn Voigt as the Beulah-Hazen wrestlers packed up to leave the state over the weekend. The trip included some less than ideal weather, confusion with hotel reservations that resulted in more map time then anticipated and the state’s best pizza. Through it all the veteran coach said they young squad learned a lot about team bonding and wrestling.

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Class B State Runner-up

Turning around with her back to the net, the 5-foot-7 junior had something to say. “This is ours, right here,” the typically beaming face roared. With a couple claps of her hands the Hazen setter turned back around to await the serve.

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‘Green Dream Team’ stays alive

Living up to the hype can be a daunting task for anyone. But so far 43 matches into the season Hazen netters have done just that and so much more. After securing their future of a final three matches this week for the State Class B Volleyball Tournament, the Bison have a new slogan.

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Hazen not done yet

Two hundred and twenty-five. That’s the minimum number of points that stood between Hazen and its goal of a State Class B Tournament berth at the beginning of the week.

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