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Wilton School readies for students

"The football field, as of today, is seeded. It’s looking much, much better. Now, the trick is to keep it watered."

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Washburn School discusses pay raise

"I know it’s hard, as a board, to deal with this issue – voting and giving yourself a raise. But, you are dramatically underpaid."

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CANDISC’s ‘Flyway Byway Tour’

Bicyclists will be pedaling through McLean County this upcoming weekend, as part of the 22nd annual Cycling Across North Dakota in Sakakawea Country (CANDISC) bike tour.

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Fines may go up for building without permit

Not thrilled with having to approve a conditional use building permit "after the fact," county commissioners will be looking at raising the fine for those who build on their properties without first getting approval for the building from the county.

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Foster parenting

Biological...Adoptive...Foster...Step...It’s not the word before parent that defines, but rather the love and dedication in their heart.

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Treading water: city scrambles to keep up

"I’m concerned about the way the commission operates. Unless you get on the agenda, you can’t speak."

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Seeking: antique enthusiast

Long-time Washburn resident Raymond Wicklander began collecting machinery when he first laid eyes on an antique, wood threshing machine.

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Last American Highway

"Some people want to spend their two-week vacation on the beach. I want to spend mine on the open road.

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Farm Rescue founder selected as money hero

Farmers aren’t granted sick pay or a leave of absence from their job when the need strikes.

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‘Till we meet again’

Socrates once said, "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

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