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Special assessment meeting draws concerned citizens

Luke Retterath, chairman of the assessment committee, opened Tuesday’s special assessment meeting at the Washburn Memorial Hall, saying, "This is is one of those meetings we all dread attending."

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SIM-ND brings emergency training

A firefighter begins having chest pain after battling a fire and is in need of immediate, medical attention.

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Area youth shine

With graduation fast approaching, it’s no wonder Drew Petersen has a smile on his face.

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Dollars For Scholars host annual banquet bash

Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn and Dean Martin graced the Memorial Hall March 15, during the annual Washburn Dollars For Scholars banquet.

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Course upgrades in full swing

While the rest of the community was snuggled inside this winter, three welders volunteered to battle the cold to bring Painted Wood Golf Course up to, what some say will be championship standards.

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Budding Entrepreneurs

Four Washburn high school students might be the leaders of tomorrow, with businesses in our region.

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Board dissolves football co-op

Southern McLean football co-op of Washburn, Wilton and Wing may have its last season this fall.

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Auctioneer honored

It might have been a love of auctions his dad nurtured when Lyle Lauf was young.

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Assessment hearing set

The bad news is city property taxes are set to go up.

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After the Great East Japan earthquake

March 11, 2011 I turned on the TV at a condo in Honolulu, Hawaii and was horrified to see live pictures of a tsunami plowing through Sendai Airport, my airport.

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