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Transfer to tribe heats up

In the first time in nine years, a state agency is again going on record as being concerned about a possible transfer of thousands of acres that could be transferred to the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

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New road could be path to business growth

In just the past year, Washburn has been a site of interest by several hotel developers.

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Ordinance enforcement under scrutiny

“We need to bring our city back to the standards it once had,” summed up the hope of Wilton resident Fred Schauer after presenting a series of photos to city commissioners last Wednesday at the regular board meeting.

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Trees along Cty. 22 slide are to be burned

A representative of Martin Construction visited commissioners to get approval to bury trees in the ground on the John Renner property, which bordered on the city limits.

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Walking school bus considered

The Washburn School District remains in good shape in the transportation department.

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Washburn School sees little enrollment change

The start of school is right around the corner and administrators at the Washburn School agree things are ready to go with only minor changes to the order.

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Ag still lives in the classroom

From house plants to hogs, students at Washburn School have been learning leadership skills encased in agricultural classes with the help of their ag teacher Mike Kamrath.

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A prairie is preferable New Yorkers say

It’s not likely you run into many New Yorkers while out in the prairies of North Dakota.

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Vision West committee looks to move forward

Oil development in North Dakota has added pressure on at least some parts of McLean County.

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Wilton welcomes Supt. Barbara Kady

New Wilton Superintendent Barbara Kady says making the decision to take the position at Wilton School was an easy one.

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