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City buying old lumber yard

Cost to buy old abandoned lumber yard – $20,000.

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L&C Riverboat Days begins Friday

Washburn’s biggest outing of the year, Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days starts Friday and continues through Sunday for three days of fun, hopefully in the sun.

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Relay raises nearly $50,000

McLean County residents gave nearly 50,000 reasons that they want to make sure cancer research continues to improve the chances of those who have the disease.

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Wild in Wilton returns

Just because the Wilton park board completed a great deal of work last year in finishing off two more playgrounds doesn’t mean they are done looking for ways to raise money.

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Teams invite you to Relay For Life

Bringing up cancer turns most any conversation sour, because at this point, there’s still no magic bullet to stop the terrible disease in its tracks.

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Graduates look to future endeavors

The seniors of Wilton School took one last walk through the halls of the school as students last Sunday during the graduation ceremony.

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For God, country and family

Monday morning was a time of remembrance and pride in Washburn.

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Gates opened for Washburn grads

Washburn will feel a big impact after a class of 24 amazing youth commenced their high school schooling and went on to use their education to steer their future.

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City plans to buy old lumberyard

Commissioners Derek Laning and Duane Bauer approved the purchase of the old lumberyard building and property from the Johnson family for $20,000 at the last regular commission meeting.

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Exchanging cultures

Before the start of the Washburn School year, Tzu-tsen “Alice” Chen had every reason to believe she’d be spending her junior year at an American high school somewhere in Florida.

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