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Sequestration puts local entities in limbo

Federal budget cuts that automatically went into effect at midnight this past Saturday as part of the fallout from the government’s budget standoff will have a ripple effect felt at the local level.

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Observe demolition with caution

The demolition of the McLean County Courthouse will require a community-wide effort to limit exposure from spores over a possible 60-day period, county officials said at a community meeting on Feb. 19 at the courthouse.

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Pfliiger makes Academic All-State

Washburn senior MiKayla (Mickey) Pfliiger has her whole life ahead of her and she’s already off to a great start.

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Washburn’s trees could use more diversity

Have you ever looked around at the variety of trees in Washburn.

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Mail dropped

In rain, sleet, hail and snow the mail will go. Just not on Saturdays.

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You will pay: Costs of street repair to be city-wide

In an attempt to simplify the process of fixing streets in the city of Washburn, the city commission voted Monday night to expand the assessment boundaries to encompass the entire city.

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Courthouse demolition weeks away

District Court Judge Lawrence Jahnke answered the hopes of McLean County Commissioners by lifting a temporary injunction last Thursday.

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Hot water trucking

Since the hot water pumping system became operational at the Great River Energy Stanton Station in October, the line for hot water has been fairly consistent.

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Emergency volunteers honored

The community of Washburn has a lot to be proud of in the men and women who assembled for the annual Washburn Emergency Services Banquet on Saturday.

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The face of the Fort remains

Gary Anderson grew up in the wrong era. Those that knew him well, knew that Gary didn’t just show up to work at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan to talk about history with those willing to hear.

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