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Washburn ambulance receives life-saving device

North Dakota is in the Class 5 category for STEMI death rates, making it one of the highest STEMI death rates in the nation.

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The calls keep

The numbers are staggering.

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Ten High Park North lots sell in Wilton

Two groups purchased multiple lots at the last regular commission meeting last week leaving just one lot left to buy in High Park North addition in Wilton.

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Local power plants will keep oil patch in hot water

The hydraulic fracturing process used to make oil recovery easier in the state’s oil patch is getting a much needed resource from local power plants.

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Feeding a nation in a time of war

London- In the year 1943, the young men in Europe were off fighting in World War II.

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River Ag serves broad customer base

When the doors opened for business at the new River Ag building in early July, much of the products were still on order.

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Eat your fruits/veggies or go hungry

It’s no South Beach Diet, but the changes to the school lunch program are aiming for healthier eating in the schools nationwide.

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No knoephla soup on school menu?

There will be some nation-wide changes to school lunch programs due to new federal requirements for school meals, and that means there will be some major changes at the Washburn School as well.

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School’s back in session

Careful planning, months of cleaning and hours of training prepared the staff of the Washburn School for the 2012-2013 school year.

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Farmers Security Bank rated one....

You’re probably thinking that a safe bank is one that would see Jesse James coming and lock down all assets. Or one that has the fewest amount of paper cuts among its employees.

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