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“From Underwood to the World!”

When Mark Ness and Charlie Bullinger, principal engineers for Great River Energy, started working with various forms of drying processes at GRE’s Coal Creek Station in 1995, they never thought that their ideas and those of other engineers would turn into something with world-wide impact.

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What’s your fair story?

Most everyone has gone to a fair at some time in their life.

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Election 2010 Unofficial Results

These results are not official, nor do they cover all ballot issues. Full election results will be in next week’s paper.

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Water usage on the rise

The city performed one of its first readings of the water meters and was able to read 574 meters as of this time.

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Commission approves two full-time auditors; employee resigns in response

City public works superintendent Larry Thomas left his position with the City of Washburn after a special meeting was held last Thursday at the City Hall.

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Celebrate, remember and fight back

"Celebrating More Birthdays" is this year’s theme for Relay For Life.

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New postmaster ready to earn your business

The new postmaster at Washburn’s post office, Ernie Welk, puts a new spin on the phrase, "Going postal."

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Washburn School board approves purchase of activity bus

In their final meeting of the school year, the Washburn school board had a lot to say about buses.

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City commission: Nothing to discuss about water meters

The transfer from the old manually read water meters, to the new radio transmitted meters has been flowing fairly smoothly for the city.

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Deacon Nistler retires after 10 years in Wilton

An open house retirement celebration was held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilton Sunday, May 2, from 2 to 4 p.m., for Jim and Henrietta Nistler.

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