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Harvesting fire stopped by group effort

A fire started Thursday afternoon on the Pablo Ronderos farm, about 9 miles east of Washburn, was extinguished with the help of area farmers and the Washburn Fire Department.

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Bid accepted to replace Wilton city shop floor

Wilton City Commissioners graded their first trailer house during the last regular meeting.

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Courthouse savers offer $40,000

The old McLean County courthouse’s days are numbered.

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School board awaits word on possible growth

A lot changed during the last regular school board meeting of the Washburn School Board.

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Freedom Fitness returning to Washburn

If you’ve found you’ve added a few inches around the waist since the fitness center closed in Washburn, here’s some good news.

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Wilton superintendent to resign in a year

After months of discussing the superintendent contract for the Wilton School District, the school board was pleased to come up with an agreement that everyone could agree on during their last regular meeting.

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Track work makes first hurdle

With work expected to begin in early June, there was some worry about if and when the new track project would get under way at the Washburn School when in early July no progress had been made.

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Falkirk road closure approved

About nine residents and farmers in the Falkirk Mining area around Birka Church heard about the plan of movement of mining operations on Tuesday at the regular county commission meeting.

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Waste Management gets garbage contract

Washburn city commissioners heard one complaint regarding service through Waste Management but it wasn’t enough for them to reconsider continuing their contract with the garbage service.

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Coffee, flower shop re-zoning rejected

Zoning issues have dominated the Wilton City Commission meetings in the last month or so.

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