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Marathon canceled, hope restored

What was meant to be one of Jeff Turning Heart Jr.’s greatest accomplishments in athleticism turned into an opportunity to accomplish something even greater.

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County recorder requests equipment

Beth Knutson, McLean County Recorder, brought several requests before commissioners during the regular commission meeting Nov. 7.

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Commissioner Hudson-Schenfisch resigns

There will be two new faces on the board of the McLean County Commissioners.

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Grief support group meeting Thursdays

Individuals in Washburn have organized a grief support group for anyone that has suffered a loss of a loved one.

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Street smarts

City commissioners met with Washburn residents Monday night with the goal to hear ideas and concerns of how the city can go about fixing streets in Washburn.

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Be prepared for winter weather driving

Extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, dangerous wind chills.

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General election is Tuesday

The General Election is only a few days away, but many McLean County voters have already cast their ballot.

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Commissioners counterclaim preservation lawsuit

The McLean County Heritage Preservation Foundation filed a legal complaint in South Central District Court on Oct. 11 against the McLean County Commissioners.

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Streets could be fixed for a price

The community has been asking for major improvements to the city streets and a plan to fix most has finally come together, for a cost of about $4 million.

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Sold: Commission accepts bid

Pending an agreement on an offer, the city of Washburn may have finally sold 12 Heritage Heights lots.

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