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The power of purple

The idea of having the community of Washburn filled with purple lights has Jenell Olson, executive director of the McLean Family Resource Center, filled with excitement.

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Theater group presents murder mystery

Washburn senior Nick Due loves to go head-to-head against the competition.

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Riders deliver message of hope

It looked like it may be a poor turn out for the annual Saddle up Against Cancer ride on Saturday morning.

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Final budget approved with additions

Based on your tax payment last year, you can expect to pay an additional 4.62 percent on the Washburn city tax portion of your taxes.

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Flag flies at new courthouse

As the departments of McLean County make the move to the new courthouse, so did a longstanding part of the county.

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Pochant leads with new signs

When Parker Pochant heard that the Washburn School was co-oping with other local schools...

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County competes in salary arena

It’s about being competitive.

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Internet could get boost at school

Recent internet connectivity concerns have Washburn School board members looking at a possible upgrade for the school’s internet access points.

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Washburn ambulance receives life-saving device

North Dakota is in the Class 5 category for STEMI death rates, making it one of the highest STEMI death rates in the nation.

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The calls keep

The numbers are staggering.

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