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Good showing for Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days

Good crowds were reported for nearly all events sponsored by the Washburn Civic Club in the annual Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days celebration.

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Wilton commissioners, residents clash

Like many towns in North Dakota, Wilton has been suffering through its share of growing pains.

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Fire department welcomes new pumper, fire chief

Every time there was a structural fire or an accident requiring extrication, the Washburn Fire Department was counting on the vital tools in their equipment truck to arrive on scene as fast as was safe to do so.

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Go Wild in Wilton

The Wilton Park Board has done it again. Another stellar line up of fun activities is planned for Wilton's premier summer event, Wild in Wilton, June 8 and 9.

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Courthouse savers draw line

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

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Interpretive Center to celebrate 15 years

The settlers that stumbled upon the great piece of land now called Washburn, incorporated that pretty place in 1882.

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Oster speaks at 129th annual Memorial Day program

The 129th annual Washburn Memorial Day Service was held at the Washburn Memorial Building for the 60th year on Monday.

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Realtor approved to market Wilton’s returned city lots

It seems to be Wilton’s lot in life is to have to sell, well, city lots.

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Major street improvement plan in process

City commissioner Derek Laning drove around town with Todd Norton of AE2S (the city's engineering firm) to view the many bad street areas recently.

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Schools addressing staffing matters

How many is too many?

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