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McLean County school enrollments remain steady

Classes are back in session at schools across McLean County.

Posted 9/01/10 (Wed) read more »

New courthouse to be on ballot

With the option of refurbishing the McLean County Courthouse officially off the table, it will soon be time for the public to make a decision.

Posted 8/25/10 (Wed) read more »

New year of learning for many in Washburn

Washburn School opened its doors to the 2010-2011 school year on Monday with some new additions to administration, teaching staff as well as the student body.

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Conference center could come to Western 4-H Camp

The only 4-H camp in North Dakota, the Western 4-H Camp in Washburn, may get a big addition and provide added opportunities for youth and adults in the near future.

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McLean County harvest is looking good

It’s just exceptional.

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Courthouse options narrowed

McLean County officials are one step closer to formulating wording for a ballot measure on how to address the courthouse issue.

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Something sweet about the first song

Behind every great musician is the foundation of learning fostered by a patient teacher.

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Working for the summer

Summer jobs.

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Protect against whooping cough with one easy shot

Want to keep you and your family healthy and save some dough?

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Courthouse costs are taking shape

The pros and cons of keeping the McLean County Courthouse in use just got a little more clear as county commissioners reviewed costs and building options on Thursday.

Posted 7/28/10 (Wed) read more »