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Teachers: average benefits up 9 percent in two years

Pay hikes for teachers grew in the single digits over the past years.

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Bid awarded for legacy trail, sidewalks to school

The Safe Routes to Schools and multi-use trail project in Washburn was awarded to RMD Holdings of Michigan.

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Ice-covered highway leads to accidents, arrests, deportation

A one-vehicle rollover Monday morning south of mile marker 118 between Washburn and Wilton led to a 36-year-old woman being injured when her door came open.

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City accepts deeded land near Enerbase

With recent work done at Enerbase, the North Dakota Department of Transportation asked if the City would like a portion of the street along Cenex deeded to them in order to square off the section in place.

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Kindergarten class lends Helping Hands

Like a row of soldiers marching to the aid of others, the kindergarten class from Washburn Elementary trudged through the snow to Farmers Security Bank on Thursday with a large jar filled with money.

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Local engineer named innovator of the year

The Economic Development Association of North Dakota awarded the innovator of the year award to Great River Energy senior engineer Charlie Bullinger Dec. 7 in Bismarck.

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Oil country

McLean County may not be a big player yet in the oil industry, but a small portion of extreme northwest McLean County is picking up steam as activity expands south from bustling Mountrail County, where activity is abundant.

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Making friends in far off places

Your mental picture of the Democratic Republic of Congo may contain images of a society that is ripe with war and disease.

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Developers prepare to be lucky with oil growth

Talk of the coming changes with the oil growth in the northwest corner of McLean County is enough to make most community and economic developers in the area quake in their boots—some with excitement and some with fear.

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Pastor Schauer takes a trip to make the heart sing

When asked what it would take to make Rev. Paul Shauer’s heart sing, a few things came to his mind.

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