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Flooded Minot family moves on

Throughout all this flooding, countless families have been put out of their homes and dispersed to campers, cabins, relatives’ homes and various other temporary locations until they can return home to assess the untold damages.

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Sully Drive to be renamed John Wesley Lane?

With the construction of the new United Methodist Church comes a request from the building committee to name a soon-to-be street differently than a connecting street.

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Pennies for Parks finishes third park in five years

A group of Washburn residents got together when they saw a need in the community.

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Pick your produce at a market near you

Every Friday they set up shop in the Enerbase parking lot.

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Snow, flood expenses mounting in county

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – or taking in the case of McLean County.

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Update on Carvell Estates

Talk has been negative since the flood started. It’s hard to find a positive spin when houses and lives have been uprooted.

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Transmission line still finds opposition

A 260-mile, 345 kV transmission line to be installed from Center to Grand Forks is still running into land owners along the proposed corridor that want nothing to do with the utility.

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New Methodist church to be built on the hill

It’s said that a city on a hill cannot be hidden.

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Stella’s Ark fights to stay afloat

The humming of four dehumidifiers and the sight of bare floors and walls gets to be too much for Stella Mehlhoff to handle at times.

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Very successful weekend for Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days

Washburn has slowed down considerably compared to the crowds of this weekend’s events.

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