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Remembering Ingersoll School 125 years later

It would have been easy enough to forget about the old Ingersoll School north of Washburn and let all the memories die with it.

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NFL students have plenty to talk about

Sometimes waiting until the last moment can have positive results.

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Commissioners for Lewis & Clark expansion, against variance

A proposed $3.5 million expansion to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center lies in the hands of Washburn city commissioners as they are asked to allow a variance to the setback of the expansion.

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Commission considers budget and Blue Flint tax exemption request

McLean County commissioners discussed various budget issues and Blue Flint’s tax exemption request during the June 21 meeting.

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Cannon ball! Join your friends at the pool

When Cody Blazek, 10, comes to the Washburn Swimming Pool it’s about more then getting wet.

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What’s in a name?

Another Lewis and Clark Days celebration has come and gone marking the 14th year in a row as Lewis and Clark Days, which follows 16 years straight years as Riverboat Days.

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Thousands found fun at Lewis and Clark Days

It seems that the past month has been fairly consistent in raining nearly every other day.

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Courthouse cleaning kickoff in full swing

A steady flow of file cabinets and other movable objects started moving out of the Dakota Central Social Services offices of the McLean County Courthouse on Tuesday morning.

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Washburn School board left with unfilled seat after election

The Washburn school board met on June 8 at 8 p.m., just an hour after the polls closed on the school board election taking place downtown.

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“From Underwood to the World!”

When Mark Ness and Charlie Bullinger, principal engineers for Great River Energy, started working with various forms of drying processes at GRE’s Coal Creek Station in 1995, they never thought that their ideas and those of other engineers would turn into something with world-wide impact.

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