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Water treatment plant updates underway

Updates to Washburn’s water treatment plant are underway, and the $6.7 million renovation project is going well, city officials say.

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One-Act loses awards, school fined

Disputes over whether two Washburn students were eligible to compete in varsity activities have resulted in a $500 fine and team awards being stripped.

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Sheriff’s Department welcomes new deputy

Steven Stockdale might have grown up in Fargo, but he’s more comfortable in a small town.

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Snow slammed 2009 county budget

The McLean County budget was hit hard in 2009, due in large part to an unusually snowy winter.

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Washburn native recognized for career as an educator

When he was a boy, Derald Rothmann’s aunt taught him to speak using elementary math problems.

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Highway 83 closes for 24 hours

Area drivers will have to make way for some massive machines next week.

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Otter Tail says no to city signs

Utility poles provide a convenient place to post city signs, but Washburn officials might have to rethink their signage habits.

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It’s Relay For Life time

When temperatures are below zero, an outdoor relay is the last thing on most people’s minds.

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District 8 Reps weigh in on Dorgan decision

After serving the state of North Dakota for 30 years, U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan has decided to move on to other ventures.

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Local Washburn boys become Eagle Scouts

Our national symbol, the "Eagle" is more than a bird to Boy Scouts.

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