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Final construction payment to be determined

Now that there’s snow on the ground, summer construction is a distant memory for most.

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Courthouse conundrum

Drip, drip, drip. How much more?

Posted 12/30/09 (Wed) read more »

Bluegrass tour back in Bismarck

Take down the Christmas tree and break out the banjo—it’s bluegrass time.

Posted 12/30/09 (Wed) read more »

A time of need, generosity

While some North Dakotans are struggling to pay for Christmas gifts this holiday, others are struggling to pay for food.

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Water treatment plant updates begin

Thanks to federal funds and years of planning, the $6.7 million water treatment plant renovation project got underway last week.

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County property tax bills show mixed bag

The annual Christmas greetings from McLean County arrived in property owners’ mailboxes this past week.

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Anatomy students observe live surgery

"Disgusting" was one word used to describe it.

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‘Journey Stories’ starts off

After months of waiting, the Smithsonian exhibit is finally on display in downtown Washburn.

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Master plan proposed for Washburn Airport

An ad hoc committee has been charged with drawing up a preliminary ordinance that will in essence create a master plan for the Washburn Airport.

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One-Act makes state finals

James Cavo and Alexis Kelsch were in grade school when the World Trade Center Towers fell.

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