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North Dakota students lead the way in science and math

A recent release from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that last year’s eighth-grade students were the top in the nation in science.

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Courthouse plans getting thumbs-up

While plans for the new county courthouse have not been finalized, they appear to meet the needs of several county entities.

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Peers lead others to find positive sources

A group of 19 students at the Washurn High School have been chosen to make a positive change at the school and beyond.

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What would you change about Washburn?

Whether you’ve lived in Washburn your whole life or you just moved here, there are likely some things you love about this place.

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Wilton landowners prepare for transmission line

A 260-mile Minnkota transmission line starting in Center and heading north east to Grand Forks could be moving on as planned once an environmental assessment is approved.

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Reading of royal importance

The trumpets were sounding as Princess Shelbey Ell walked the red carpet through the crowds of children.

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Cold weather is a painful reminder of what can happen

The date was Jan. 7 1980, when Terry Sayler headed back home from Washburn in a blizzard.

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Meier departs school board with resignation

It wasn’t the first item on the school board’s January meeting agenda, but the resignation of board member Jay Meier was definitely the biggest item of the night.

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E-reading could mean change in traffic for local libraries

These days fewer and fewer readers are choosing to buy that crisp new book when they can download a book on a sleek and smaller electronic reading device.

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Under water again?

Could it be another year of flooding in McLean County?

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