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County Courthouse bidders get ready to work

About 20 contractors assembled in the very garage that will soon be removed to make room for the new McLean County Courthouse last Thursday.

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Rezoning denied for 24-plex request

Wilton residents let commissioners know that although they are interested in seeing Wilton grow, they don’t want the growth in a large quantity in their own backyards.

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Historic infrastructure package signed

Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed two historic House bills into law this week that should be a shot in the arm for western North Dakota’s oil and gas producing counties.

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School needs to spend more to avoid deduction

The Washburn School may need to start spending more than anticipated, as the ending fund balance for the school may exceed the 45 percent cap set by law.

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Tax equalization ruffles feathers

The Washburn tax equalization meeting was held last Monday to allow for those residents affected by the change in property values to hear a more thorough explanation on the increases to their taxes.

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Business consultant ready to serve

Brent Fjeldheim’s first impression of North Dakota was that the people had a positive perspective on their economy.

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County declares flood emergency

Issues of flooding in the county has led to McLean County Commissioners declaring a flood emergency.

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Turning points

"You can lead a kid to water but you can’t make him drink," were the words that hit home for Washburn sophomore Brett Schreiner.

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Torkelson finishes African preceptorship

She never claimed to be a mountain climber.

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School bill could raise taxes in district

House Bill 1047 is a bill to amend and re-enact sections of North Dakota Century Code that could cut state funding to school districts.

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