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County tax director looking at retirement

McLean County will lose a veteran staff member by 2011, so the county commission is planning ahead.

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Hager withdraws city commission resignation

Commissioner Hager had a change of heart last week and rejoined the city commission, just three days after resigning during the Aug. 10 meeting.

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Construction setbacks trip up school traffic

City and school officials met with representatives from Toman Engineering Aug. 14 to discuss the way construction will affect school access.

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Wilton’s dog breed ordinance to be revisited

Wilton commissioners weren‘t surprised during the Aug. 5 commission meeting when Kevin Huddleston, owner of a part Rottweiler dog, came before the commission to request a change in the pet ordinance.

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Rising waters threaten shoreline birds

Imagine a partially submerged sandbar.

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County commissioners deny resignation of zoning and planning members

The working relationship between McLean County Commissioners and members of the Zoning and Planning Commission took a strange twist after a recommendation from zoning and planning to deny a conditional use permit and building permit request made by Jason Schauer, Washburn.

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Destination: Iraq

Six years have passed since America first invaded Iraq.

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Updated water plant closer to realization

Plans are crystal clear and all that remains is finding the right guys to get the job done.

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Washburn soldiers await Kosovo deployment

Kosovo. Over two million inhabitants fill the self-declared Albanian state.

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Washburn school board meets for annual meeting

The Washburn School Board met at their annual meeting this month for discussion over a deluge of detailed financial reports.

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