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Torkelson finishes African preceptorship

She never claimed to be a mountain climber.

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School bill could raise taxes in district

House Bill 1047 is a bill to amend and re-enact sections of North Dakota Century Code that could cut state funding to school districts.

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Will you answer the call?

Their average age is 52.

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Wilton revisits snow gate decision

Snow gate or no snow gate – the topic for the winter came up once again at Wilton’s March 16 commission meeting.

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A call to serve

Monday night was a scary night in Washburn.

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Can’t find a job?

Taking that first step into owning and running your own business can be a frightening idea.

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Japanese earthquake hits home

An 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan caused a massive tsunami to hit Japan Friday.

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Wilton 25-year plan moves forward

Wilton city commissioners participated in the issues identification phase of the 25-year plan.

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Local musician sings his way back home

An emerging artist in the area is one with a very musical family.

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Home for the endangered

The Missouri River stretching from the Garrison Dam to just south of Bismarck is some of the most critical nesting territory for some very rare and fragile creatures.

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