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New summer school program comes to Washburn school system

Summer school is cool.

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Kohn settles in at Cross Ranch

After a lengthy wait, a new Interpretive Ranger has finally arrived on the scene at Cross Ranch State Park.

Posted 6/10/09 (Wed) read more »

Timeline for Seventh St. construction still up in the air

When’s the work on Seventh Street going to start, shouldn’t they be working on that by now?

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Summer season kicks off at Fort Mandan

Warm sun and a gentle breeze signifies the return of summertime.

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GRE power goes out so water lines can go in

For the second time in the history of the Great River Energy plant in central McLean County, the lights have gone out at both units at the plant.

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Claudette Ness to call it quits after 20 years

A fixture in the business district of Washburn will be disappearing after the first week in June, as Claudette Ness steps away from the insurance field and into a well deserved retirement.

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Protecting the Future

Being a parent is the most joyous and memorable experience that life has to offer.

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Flight honors four Washburn vets

The TV cameras whirred, cameras clicked and flashed, and reporters stayed busy recording the events in Washington D. C. for posterity’s sake.

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DU disputes committee’s decision

The rights of the individual versus societal good?

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Coal Lake Project to be habitat haven

A portion of Falkirk Mine land near Underwood is in line to become a home for habitat.

Posted 5/13/09 (Wed) read more »