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No more waiting to hear school closures: Washburn implements instant alert system

Do you hate waking up early to listen carefully to the radio, or have your children's eyes locked to the television screen waiting to see or hear the cancellation of a day of school?

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If you have the will to live, the human body will respond

Being a fire fighter is a dangerous job, and the possibility of injury or worse is around every corner for the local men and women that put everything on the line to help protect our communities.

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Under the big top

Have you ever attended the circus?

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City approves free sewer and water for new residents

WAEDA's recent interest in creating incentive packages could be the defining element in swaying new residents to the Washburn community.

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Federal stimulus package: Money for McLean County roads

The federal government is making an effort to stimulate the economy, but those words leave North Dakotans wondering how that has anything to do with this state.

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Resolution for street project

For several months, the Washburn City Commission has addressed the upcoming street project during their meetings.

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Starting over

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center was originally constructed in 1997, utilizing $1.5 million from the Department of Transportation's 'Transportation Enhancement' funding.

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Local realtors feel minor impact from national housing crisis

Months ago, local communities saw numerous houses on every street go up for sale, but as the weather began to decline, houses that remained unsold slowly fell off the market, waiting for the arrival of fresh spring weather and new eager buyers.

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Snow falls on snow

Last week, after dealing with an estimated 80 inches of snow in some areas of the county, the McLean County Board of Commissioners became one of the five counties and one city to officially declare a state of snow emergency.

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School or no school?

As a child, waking up and looking out the window to see a complete white-out, blowing winds and snow-covered streets may be a welcomed sign.

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