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Washburn soldiers await Kosovo deployment

Kosovo. Over two million inhabitants fill the self-declared Albanian state.

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Washburn school board meets for annual meeting

The Washburn School Board met at their annual meeting this month for discussion over a deluge of detailed financial reports.

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McLean Electric Cooperative charges up St. Alexius funds

St. Alexius Washburn Family Clinic was the initial recipient of a newly established revolving loan fund program.

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North Dakotans remember first moon landing

Forty years ago children all over the world had a new grownup job to add to that list: Spaceman.

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Is Washburn fishing washed-up?

Ask any true area fisherman how this year’s been and he’ll tell you absolutely rotten.

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Total funds tallied for Relay for Life event

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Motivation can have an amazing effect over individuals.

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New Eyecare location to open next week

A collective of Washburn officials have seen into the future and can say that things are looking good.

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Local lives affected by 7th St. construction

An older gentleman emerges from the east side of 4th Ave and 7th St.

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Speech group speaks about IMC experience

It’s not officially summertime until kids start knocking on your door hoping to raise money for this, that or the other thing.

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County tax equalization board gives direction for city boards

Since the legislature’s mandate for tax equalization, McLean County residents have responded with a rollercoaster of reactions to the assessment process.

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