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Regional run ends in first round for Washburn

Coming out of the districts as a number two seed, the Cardinals came to the Bismarck Civic Center to play No. 3-seeded New Salem Holsteins in the first round of the Region 5 tournament on Monday night.

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Washburn Cardinals district runner-up

The third seeded Washburn Cardinals came into the district tournament in good position to make it to the next round of the post-season.

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Cardinals fall to Standing Rock in Regionals

Being ousted in the first round of regionals last year, Washburn hoped to improve upon that finish at this year’s regional tournament.

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Rough games end Wilton-Wing’s season at Districts

"It’s a wide open district this year," commented one introspective fan as he sat waiting for the district tournament to start on Thursday.

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Wilton-Wing boys top Beulah, fall to Standing Rock

In a couple of games last week that are ripe for parody, the Wilton-Wing Miners first faced off against the Beulah Miners in a game that would determine who the rightful owner of the ‘Miner’ name was.

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Washburn hosts Wildcats on back-to-back nights

In a season filled with constant double-headers, it’s sometimes refreshing to see a head-scratching schedule anomaly like what happened in Washburn last week.

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Washburn varsity sweeps Garrison double-header

Both Washburn teams took to the road to take on the Garrison Troopers in a double-header in Garrison on Tuesday.

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Wilton-Wing carries the night against Washburn

Of all the activities that Washburn and Wilton compete against one another in, there is little debate over which sport that rivalry is most intense: basketball.

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Washburn takes second at McLean County Tournament

Early season tournaments are a first look at how a team can cope with the ‘three games in three days’ atmosphere that will ultimately decide their fate at the end of the season.

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Miners play in Mandan tournament over holiday

While most teams were taking an extended break from competition over Christmas vacation, the Wilton-Wing Miners were busy preparing for the Mandan Holiday Tournament which took place at the Mandan High School gym on Dec 28-30th.

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