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McClusky School joins TL-M Volleyball co-op

The only old business on the McClusky School board’s November 17 agenda was the sports co-op with TL-M, and it took the larger portion of time within the meeting to decide the issue of whether or not to join.

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WNBA and Big 12 Women’s Basketball hoop it up

On Oct. 29, Terry and I were fortunate enough to participate and watch in amazement as WNBA players, current and retired; Big 12 Basketball players came together for one common cause:

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Coyotes take fourth in Districts

The Trojans swept the Sheridan County Coyotes 3-0 in the semi-final game Jacy Hausauer led the Coyotes in kills with seven, digs nine, and aces two.

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Coyotes win Tournament opener

The Sheridan County Coyotes won their first game of the District 10 tournament Monday night, defeating the Washburn Cardinals three games to one.

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Last Coyote Volleyball Game

“It was not only hard because it was the last home volleyball game on Oct. 16 for the five senior girls, but it was also hard for everyone because it was the last Coyote volleyball home game ever.

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School tackles sports co-op issues again

Sports and the dwindling student base for participation was a central issue again at the October 8 meeting of the McClusky School District. Individual sports, such as track and cross country, are less of a problem but those requiring subs and more than one team are.

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North Star stop Raiders 41-6

The Tri-County Raider football team hosted a game on Friday evening, Oct. 2, against the North Star team and were defeated 41-6.

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Coyotes stop Troopers 3-0

“The girls are moving along in the right direction, with another district win over Garrison-Max on Sept. 22.

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Coyotes lose in one of two Trojan district wins

The Turtle Lake-Mercer Trojans volleyball team picked up two district wins this past week.

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Sheridan County Cross Country

A short-handed Sheridan County Cross Country team ran in their first meet at the Northwood Golf Course on Aug. 27.

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