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Picking up the pieces

A new Garrison Sports Complex at Ray Field has begun rising from the rubble.

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1-cent tax vote Aug. 25

Residents of the City of Garrison are being asked to continue a 1-cent sales tax indefinitely. A vote to continue the tax is set for Tuesday, Aug. 25.

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Severe weather pounds county

One week ago, crops across McLean County looked like some of the best in years. Timely rain, moderate temperatures … ideal growing conditions.

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Catching up with the times

It’s time for Garrison schools to move into the 21st Century when it comes to technology.

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Taxable sales take a tumble

Taxable sales figures in McLean County had a mid-course adjustment for the first quarter of 2015.

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Frontier gardens

Giving a historical insight to how life used to be lived in the area are the recently planted gardens in Fort Stevenson State Park, located west of the Guardhouse.

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Governor's Cup time

The 40th Annual N.D. Governor’s Walleye Cup Fishing Tournament is this weekend.

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White Shield powwow time

Drums pounding in the distance, dazzling multi-colored feathers blowing in the Sakakawea breeze and dancers pounding the earth in a thunderous dance.

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Let the chips fall

Street chip sealing will begin in the next few days in Garrison. ASTECH Corporation is in charge of the project.

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It’s time to cut it lose

The Max School Board would like to unload the rodeo grounds on the west side of the community.

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