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School enrollments vary

Enrollment numbers continue to fluctuate at area schools.

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New bond date set

Garrison School District patrons will be asked to go to the polls Nov. 4 or vote earlier by mail. The issue before them will be a multimillion dollar decision for additions to the elementary and high schools.

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$96,000 grant secured

On Monday, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp announced that a local organization will receive $96,000 to develop two commercial lots near Garrison.

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Commission upholds demotion

By a unanimous vote, McLean County commissioners upheld the recent demotion of McLean County sheriff’s deputy Curt Olson at the administrative hearing held Tuesday in Washburn.

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A drought of rail cars

There’s a drought overtaking North Dakota. It’s not a lack of moisture. Instead, it’s a shortage of rail cars.

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Yields look promising

Statewide, officials expect record yields this harvest. That will just add further pressure to North Dakota’s grain storage and delivery system. In the area, crops are also showing promise.

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Oil activity to increase

Forty additional oil wells are being planned in extreme northwest McLean County. The number will nearly double the amount of wells in the county. Presently, there are 58 oil sites. Of those, as of May, 49 are producing wells.

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County Deputy demoted

McLean County Deputy Curt Olson has been demoted from his captain’s position. The move was July 9. No replacement has been made.

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A great day for White Shield

A field north of White Shield is much more than a plot of land with a crop of maturing grain. It’s been chosen as the site where three new facilities will soon be built.

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Tower plans advance

Garrison’s proposed new water tower will have four times the capacity of its two predecessors.

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