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Drug dogs making a difference

Drug dogs are well worth their bark and are taking a bite out of crime in the county. That’s the opinion of deputies of the McLean County Sheriff’s Department.

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City cleanup to be self-service

The City of Garrison will be offering free dumping in lieu of a citywide cleanup.

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It’s a go

A proposed comprehensive plan for the City of Garrison received the green light Monday night from the city council.

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New White Shield school planned

Monday evening plans were unveiled for a new K-grade 12 school in White Shield.

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Good things coming to White Shield

Over the past few years, there have been tangible signs that good things are coming to White Shield. Groundbreaking for the Awa’Hu Village housing project took place May of 2010. The housing development contains 40 residential lots.

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Heritage Center to unveil N.D. Newspaper Hall of Fame

The new, electronic North Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame will be unveiled May 2 in dedication ceremonies at the North Dakota Heritage Center.

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Pulse of the public

North Dakota’s junior senator spent the better share of her day, Tuesday, in Garrison. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., stopped in Garrison on her way through from New Town where she gave a keynote address at MHA Nation’s Annual Bakken Oil and Gas Expo earlier in the day.

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Building permit process gets facelift

In the wake of some recent abuses of building permits, major changes could be on the horizon.

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Needle in a basket

Summer activities were officially kicked off at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge this past Saturday.

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Water lines remain frozen

Every evening when Jerry and Cheryl Mehlhoff come home, they hope there’s a present waiting for them. So far, and for the past month, there’s been no present. That gift is running water.

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