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Drug Task Force expands

Increases in drug use and drug-related crime in the state since the start of the latest oil boom has made local and state law enforcement officials take notice.

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Visitor center progressing

With winter approaching, crews continue work on the new visitor center and administrative building at Fort Stevenson State Park.

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Garrison man arrested after high-speed chase Man flees two accidents

A routine traffic stop for exhibition and reckless driving in Garrison city limits this past Saturday turned into a full-blown chase that included a manhunt and theft of a motor vehicle.

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City adjusts building permit fees

Two new categories will be added to the building permit fee structure for the City of Garrison.

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Sticker shock

More steps have been taken toward a new water tower and infrastructure upgrades for the City of Garrison.

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State parks to get a little TLC

Placement of rip rap along the north embankment of Garrison Bay Marina at Fort Stevenson State Park and replacement of the park’s restroom and shower facilities are among numerous projects proposed by Governor Jack Dalrymple.

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County budget discussed

A public hearing, hosted by the McLean County Board of Commissioners, took place Sept. 23, with several taxpayers and department leaders in attendance.

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Ballot applications mailed

While political ads have already begun filling various forms of media, the run up to the November General Election has begun in earnest in McLean County.

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Candidates speak up

Five candidates who are seeking election to two county seats fielded questions from the public Monday evening.

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Airport to receive federal funding

The Garrison Municipal Airport is one of seven North Dakota airports that will receive federal funding for updates.

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