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Counterfeit checks passed

A Towner man sits in a Rugby jail, but in mid-March, Brad Geyen found Garrison to his liking, writing counterfeit checks worth more than $880 at three Garrison businesses.

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Camping fee income robust

Offering long-term camping at McLean County’s Sportsmen’s Centennial Park is paying dividends.

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March ends with a roar

Over the years, a simple phrase has been used to describe the month of March. "In like a lion, out like a lamb," refers to a common March weather pattern.

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County elections to have contests

Three races will have contests during the Primary Election Tuesday, June 10. With the filing deadline approaching, Monday, April 7 at 4 p.m., three have filed for the county commission seat in District 1.

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School board accepts resignations

When Garrison School Board members were informed of two staff resignations Monday evening, those words were included as they accepted the resignations.

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Negotiations groundwork begins

Preliminary work continues as the Garrison School Board and Garrison Education Association prepare to sit down and negotiate a pact for the coming school year.

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Where people want to be

It seems everywhere you look in McLean County there’s some type of building going on. Homes, garages, storage buildings ….

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Missing person alert has tragic outcome

A report of a missing person who was last seen March 5 at the Roseglen Bar turned tragic this past weekend when the body of Robin Fox was found about a half mile from the tiny community in western McLean County.

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Water lines in deep freeze

There’s no questioning this winter has been one of the coldest on record. The frost line this year is deep – deep enough to cause three water service lines in the city to freeze.

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Restraining order denied

Judge John W. Grinsteiner ruled Tuesday that there is insufficient evidence to uphold a temporary restraining order filed against an Underwood School aide, Lisa Auck, by Deborah Henderson, who has three children attending school in Underwood.

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