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Where people want to be

It seems everywhere you look in McLean County there’s some type of building going on. Homes, garages, storage buildings ….

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Missing person alert has tragic outcome

A report of a missing person who was last seen March 5 at the Roseglen Bar turned tragic this past weekend when the body of Robin Fox was found about a half mile from the tiny community in western McLean County.

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Water lines in deep freeze

There’s no questioning this winter has been one of the coldest on record. The frost line this year is deep – deep enough to cause three water service lines in the city to freeze.

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Restraining order denied

Judge John W. Grinsteiner ruled Tuesday that there is insufficient evidence to uphold a temporary restraining order filed against an Underwood School aide, Lisa Auck, by Deborah Henderson, who has three children attending school in Underwood.

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Whose land is it anyway?

Two meetings about whether land around Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe should be transferred to someone other than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came with different responses.

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Land transfer hearing March 4

The first in a series of hearings on a proposed land transfer to the Three Affiliated Tribes and other "excess" U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land will be March 4 in New Town and Garrison and March 7 in Beulah.

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Snowmobilers found

With a gathering of concern, panic, and faith, members of the communities of Washburn, Turtle Lake, Mercer and surrounding towns, stepped back from their daily routines to listen and look for information on missing men from their home communities or where relatives of the men lived.

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Emergency service ed.

It was a CliffsNotes version of emergency medical training, but the 90-minute presentation to more than 15 Garrison High School students this past Friday is just what members of the Garrison-Max Ambulance Service hope will entice new people to consider serving on the department, or consider a health care profession.

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Supremacists in Underwood

There is no special city meeting scheduled to discuss the "white supremacists" that have moved to Underwood. And no, nobody has been forbidden from attending St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Underwood.

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Water to oil

The saying goes that oil and water don’t mix. But recently, thanks to a little intervention and coaxing by some coal being used to generate electricity, the two couldn’t be more of a perfect pair – especially at Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station near Falkirk and Stanton Station in Mercer County.

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