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BLFG meeting agenda includes dinner, laughs

Area residents who are (or will become) members of Better Living for Garrison, can look forward to a fun-filled annual meeting Sunday evening.

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State weighs in on proposed land transfer

"Whiskey is for drinking, water for fighting." Those were the words of an observer at a state committee hearing Oct. 16 where testimony focused on land around Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

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Makoti’s Rensch Garage to close

Three and a half years ago, Brian and Melissa Rensch had a dream. The birth of Jack and Sam, twin sons, brought a possibility that a fourth generation of Rensch "men" might someday operate Rensch Garage in Makoti.

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Towering question: Council mulls location

The location for Garrison’s proposed new water tower has been narrowed to three.

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Buckling under pressure

Deciding what to do about a section of street in Aero Park at the Garrison Airport continues to be a work in progress. The street has deteriorated due to constant heavy truck use.

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Unofficial results: Bond Issue fails

Tuesday evening, after the polls had closed for the evening, Garrison School Board members gathered to hear the results of a $5 million bond election.

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Target: Growth, safety School bond addressed issues

Two of the prime targets that would be addressed if patrons approve a bond issue at Garrison school Tuesday will be the classroom crunch and safety of students and staff.

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Hall on land transfer: ‘we will move forward’

Tex Hall, chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes, continues to stand firm on the return of land around Lake Sakakawea on the Fort Berthold Reservation to the tribe.

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Bond election: No new taxes

Addressing space and safety – all without increasing taxes. That's what Garrison school officials are touting as they propose additions at Bob Callies Elementary School and Garrison High School.

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Bond election Oct. 8

In just a few weeks, patrons of the Garrison School District will help decide the future of education for students who attend Garrison schools.

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