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A horn of plenty

This spring, farmers were being held back from getting their crops in because it was too wet. June came and hundreds of acres were forced to sit idle. For those that were able to get seed in the ground early, signs are that this year’s harvest will be one of the best.

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Help wanted, bus drivers

“Dire.” That’s how Superintendent Steve Brannan describes the situation at Garrison School when it comes to having enough bus drivers to cover all routes and activities.

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Sheriff’s department needs deputies

The turnover of McLean County Sheriff’s deputies continues as the county is currently seeking at least two more deputies for coverage in the county.

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Proposed land transfer to tribe heats up

For the first time in nine years, a state agency is again going on record as being concerned about a possible transfer of thousands of acres that could be transferred to the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

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Infrastructure coming to northeast lots

Everything is in place to advertise for bids for infrastructure for all 22 lots in the Bicentennial Addition, or also known as lots owned by Three-Mile High LLC.

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EPA developing oil spill response plan

Steve Way won’t use the word catastrophic or disaster when he talks about a potentially large oil spill on Lake Sakakawea. But he admitted that a large scale release is a matter of “when, not if.”

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It’s like gold

As McLean County department heads present their proposed budgets to commissioners, the common denominator seems to be cost. Everything keeps going up. That’s probably most evident in the highway department budget.

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Water tower study approved

A piece of the Garrison water system pie has been cut and served to Moore Engineering. Garrison City Council members, during a special meeting this past Thursday, took the first steps to add additional water storage, hiring the firm to do the preliminary engineering for a water tower project.

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Garrison sees enrollment hike

Principals at each of the two Garrison schools had good news to share at Tuesday’s Garrison School Board meeting. Shelly Fuller, elementary principal, said 19 new students had enrolled in grades K-6, bringing first day enrollment to 195. She said an additional 33 students were enrolled in the school’s preschool program.

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Maki, Frost join school board

The Garrison School Board found itself in an unusual situation Monday evening. After advertising two open positions on the board, it had letters of interest from three candidates.

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