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Mission: Provide quality of life with comforts of home

When the Garrison Nursing Home was built in the late 60s, it resembled other long-term care facilities. Standard construction design included long hallways and few creature comforts to provide a home-like environment.

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Nursing home options weighed

A crowd of about 30 local residents gathered in the Underwood City Hall on Saturday to discuss the future of the Sanford Health Underwood Continuing Care Center, formerly Prairieview Nursing Home.

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Safety first

The Boy Scouts of America motto is: “Be prepared.”

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Underwood nursing home closing

A decision has been made to begin the closure of the Sanford Health Underwood Continuing Care Center, formerly known as Medcenter One Prairieview Nursing Home.

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County hit by influenza

Influenza, or flu as it is commonly called, began impacting residents of McLean County about a month ago.

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Garrison’s water department tackles equipment failures

Turn on the water faucet and be rewarded with fresh clean water. Most of us take that simple ritual for granted.

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Garbage guidelines clarified

With change, there’s going to be a learning curve. Residents are asked to look at their container carefully.

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Indoor rink almost open for business

Garrison’s ice skating rink is hoping to open in the next few days.

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Growing to meet the need

The former Peavey Elevator is now gone – making room for an expansion project that’s in the works for Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS.

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Class offerings expanding?

Are there any new class offerings that patrons or students would like added to curriculum at Max?

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