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Bond issue advanced

It’s time to get the ball rolling, bringing a bond issue before the patrons of the Garrison School District.

Posted 10/04/12 (Thu) read more »

Controlled burn policy explained

Dry and windy – it’s a perfect combination for fires to quickly spread out of control.

Posted 9/27/12 (Thu) read more »

Annex denied

It was their turn to step up to the plate in front of the North Dakota Board of Public School Education.

Posted 9/27/12 (Thu) read more »

Fox to represent White Shield area

It was a long night of controversy before the winner of Tuesday’s election was chosen.

Posted 9/20/12 (Thu) read more »

Courthouse move-in ready

It’s almost ready. In about two weeks, offices should be relocated to the new McLean County courthouse.

Posted 9/20/12 (Thu) read more »

Narrowing the housing gap

What has 30 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms and ten double garages?

Posted 9/13/12 (Thu) read more »

Coal dollars could be used for upgrades

Dollars to the City of Garrison from coal severance could soon be funneled into a fund set aside for future equipment improvements.

Posted 9/13/12 (Thu) read more »

Garrison Fire Department eying equipment updates

The Garrison Fire Department could be in line for new pagers if its request before the city’s Sales and Use Tax Committee is approved.

Posted 9/06/12 (Thu) read more »

The calls keep coming

The numbers are staggering. Over the past six years in McLean County driving under the influence arrests are up nearly 300 percent. Drug abuse violation arrests are up 243 percent and liquor law violation arrests are up 140 percent.

Posted 9/06/12 (Thu) read more »

Courthouse savers seek ballot question

The McLean County Heritage Preservation Foundation recently gave the McLean County auditor a letter for the county commissioners regarding halting the demolition of the McLean County courthouse.

Posted 8/30/12 (Thu) read more »