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Three elected to Garrison School Board

One new member has been elected to the Garrison School Board, while two others were elected to new terms following Tuesday’s board election.

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Courthouse goes down

While the start of demolition was scheduled over a month ago, it was still as shocking as ever for spectators who stood by while a large cable and backhoe worked to tear the historic McLean County Courthouse tower to the snow covered ground this past Friday afternoon.

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Park management still on the table

By 2015, federally managed parks like East Totten Trail and Downstream Campground could be managed by the state government instead of the Corps.

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Spring storm piles it on

After several days of warning, Mother Nature provided exactly what the weatherman had forecast – an onslaught of snow.

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Annexation plan takes on new life

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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Tribal officials stop waste project

The Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal council has put the kibosh to any further activity regarding the establishment of an oil and gas drilling waste disposal facility near White Shield.

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New face coming to city hall

Garrison’s City Hall will soon have a new look.

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Fire damages school

A child’s fascination with fire this past week turned into a near catastrophe at Garrison’s Bob Callies Elementary School.

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Corps wary of possible closings


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Boom divides reservation

The shale-oil boom in North Dakota gave the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Indians here the chance to become some of the wealthiest tribes in U.S. history.

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