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County declares flood emergency

Issues of flooding in the county has led to McLean County Commissioners declaring a flood emergency.

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Oil spill

It happened. Oil activity has impacted Lake Sakakawea. Oil has leaked into the lake.

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Price tag, bond issue plans get closer look

Dreams started to drift closer to daylight when a group of school administrators, teachers and board members met last week.

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Seniors hear school plans

Garrison senior citizens would like to learn more about what is planned for expansion of Garrison’s two school complexes.

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An oil spill on the lake?

Oil and water don’t mix. The conclusion is simple, the solution isn’t. When the Friends of Lake Sakakawea board of directors met Friday with state and federal agency officials, there were far more questions than answers. The answers are some that the state and federal government are trying to develop in the event of an oil spill on Lake Sakakawea.

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6 county groups may receive $37,400 at luncheon

Six McLean County organizations, four of them based in Garrison, will be awarded a total of $37,400 by the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation at an awards luncheon in Minot today (Thursday). The total will be $37,400 if required matching grants are met.

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Garrison regains largest county city status

Garrison has regained the title as McLean County’s largest city. Figures released by the U. S. Census Bureau and presented to county and city officials show Garrison’s population to be 1,453 – a 10.24 percent jump from 10 years ago when Census figures showed the community’s population was 1,318.

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Board gets first glimpse of possible building plans

The shopping list is starting to make its way from the grocery store to the menu. A wish list of remodeling, renovations and new spaces for the elementary and high school were unveiled Tuesday evening at a Garrison school board meeting.

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Storm pummels area

Mother Nature isn’t ready to let winter go just yet. Even though temps are now reaching into the 40s and the sun is shining, she delivered one more punch this past Friday.

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Garrison Lodging business changes hands

Those who patronize either of Garrison’s motels will likely not notice a change in service. A major change has occurred, however. Effective Feb. 14, there are new owners for the Garrison Motel and North Shore Inn & Suites. Even though Dennis and Irene Jeffrey sold their lodging business, it is remaining in the family.

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