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Election process change considered

What should they do? McLean County Commissioners gathered input from residents during a hearing Dec. 6 regarding consolidation and reorganization of election precincts in the county.

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Superintendent gets strong marks

The Garrison school superintendent received high marks on his report card recently.

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Chamber backs walking trail

The Nov. 28 meeting of the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs meeting took place without a set agenda. It wasn’t without substance, however.

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Gifts from the Heart is underway

The season of giving is here. And local entities are once again joining together to assure that less fortunate in the area have a blessed Christmas season.

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Trail idea revived

Want to take a hike along a long path or trail? Would you like to go for a bike ride, free of the concern from traffic? How about a jog?

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Whale of a catch at Dickens tour home

When you think about a North Dakota museum, more often than not, you think about artifacts from the days of the frontier pioneers.

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Dickens Festival begins Friday

Garrison’s Dickens Village Festival is a special holiday event that is sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Socializing with a purpose

Question: What food options are available during the Dickens Festival?

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Ordinances get closer scrutiny

The Garrison City council is stretching as far as it can, trying to get its arms around the definition of an RV park.

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‘Gifts’ seeks flood names

Gifts from the Heart and the Giving Tree benefit local residents in need.

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