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Teachers decide not to appeal

Garrison educators have decided to not appeal a recent court decision that meant contracts could be issued.

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Judge rules in district’s favor

If Garrison educators don’t appeal, the legal battle between Garrison teachers and the school board is over.

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One marina poised to become two

First, there was not enough water to keep the old Garrison marina afloat.

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School board member pay hiked 81 percent

Garrison educators took a hit in the pocketbook to stand firm as contract negotiations lag on.

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Curfew is proposed

City officials agree – it’s time to give serious consideration to implementing a curfew in Garrison.

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Limited Garrison taxi service endorsed by chamber group

A van would be purchased for West River Transportation, a public transit agency, to provide limited taxi service to all citizens and guests

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All-school reunion this weekend

Even though there isn’t a huge sign at the entrance to the city, the message is huge – welcome home!

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Two big events slated for weekend

With two annual attractions, there’s no reason for area residents or visitors to be bored this weekend.

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Meeting July 7 will explore tennis court for Garrison

A meeting to establish an ad hoc group to advance the construction of a state-of-the art, outdoor public tennis court has been called for Wednesday, July 7 by the chairman of the Garrison Park Board, Paul Garcia.

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Max gets new mayor

A write-in campaign in the municipal election at Max has resulted in the ouster of Mayor Jody Gullickson.

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