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County hit by influenza

Influenza, or flu as it is commonly called, began impacting residents of McLean County about a month ago.

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Garrison’s water department tackles equipment failures

Turn on the water faucet and be rewarded with fresh clean water. Most of us take that simple ritual for granted.

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Garbage guidelines clarified

With change, there’s going to be a learning curve. Residents are asked to look at their container carefully.

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Indoor rink almost open for business

Garrison’s ice skating rink is hoping to open in the next few days.

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Growing to meet the need

The former Peavey Elevator is now gone – making room for an expansion project that’s in the works for Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS.

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Class offerings expanding?

Are there any new class offerings that patrons or students would like added to curriculum at Max?

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Prepared for the worst

With the tragedy involving elementary students in Connecticut fresh in their minds, school officials at Max want to have the bases covered when it comes to keeping their students and staff safe and secure.

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School gears up for future

The classroom crunch is no longer an immediate concern at Garrison elementary school, following board action Tuesday evening.

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Sanitation companies offer commercial, rural services

With the new year just days away, Garrison area businesses need to make arrangements for sanitation service.

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Motor grader bids received

A pair of new motor graders will be rumbling down county roads in the near future.

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